PLEASE READ THIS!  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. John Staeck and he will address these directly.

If you enroll in this field school you will be participating in an ongoing research project that involves professionals from four countries.  Countless years of energy have been spent arranging this project and the careers of many people are intimately tied to this work.  In extreme cases, your actions could result in the termination of the entire project!  Consequently, there are certain codes of conduct that you must adhere to.  Failure to do so could result in sanctions up to and including immediate expulsion from the field school and the project as well as expulsion from the Czech Republic.  If such happens you will be responsible for your own expenses in returning to your home since all links between you, the College of DuPage, and the field program will have been irrevocably and immediately severed.

1. No firearms or functional weaponry of any sort are to be brought with the group or onto locations associated with the field program at any time.  (Pocket knives and Leatherman tools are OK, buck knives, survival knives, and the like are considered weapons and, consequently, are banned.)  The Czech people tend to frown upon the presence of weapons and the police may take exception to their presence.  Please use common sense.
2. No illegal substances will be brought with the group or onto locations associated with the field program  at any time.  The inside of Czech prisons, I am told, are not the most pleasant places in the world, especially for foreign nationals.  Under United States law, you are subject to local laws and customs while traveling abroad.
3. Harassment of any form, especially based on sex, religion, race, ethnicity, or similar perceived identities, will not be tolerated.
4. All persons will conduct themselves in appropriate manners, avoiding conflicts, fights, or insulting behavior if at all possible.
5. All persons are expected to keep themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally fit enough to adequately perform assigned tasks associated with the field program.  Hangovers, regardless of the cause, and common physical ailments are not acceptable excuses for lack of participation.
6. While enrolled in the program, all people are subject to the overall supervision of the field director and duly designated representatives.  The field director has the right to discuss issues of concern with every person on the project and has the authority to sanction or outright expel individuals for  violations of this code of conduct.  In general, most sanctions will be preceded by discussions with the field director.  Exceptions to this involve criminal acts, violations of substance and gun policies, and other issues deemed severe enough by the field director to warrant immediate action.
7. No material culture will be removed from any archaeological or historic site visited by the project without the express permission of the field director who, in turn, will have received permission from the appropriate Czech authorities.  Do not expect to remove material from any site.
8. Participants are required to adhere to the timetables and deadlines assigned by the field director and appropriate staff members.  Be prepared to enter the field and actively and effectively participate every weekday morning, rain or shine.
9.  While enrolled in the program, participants are subject to the rules and codes of the College of DuPage in addition to those outlined above.

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