Greetings and warm regards to myne brethren and colleagues in arms, this my humble offering sends Voros Janos, KSCA and Midlands Regional Commander for 2000, to each and all this fair Spring day.

I wish to emplore each of you to take some time to express to other warriors the importance of the melee arts among well-rounded combatants.  It is vital that our younger fighters look around and see we, the veteran core of the Midlands, participating in or helping marshall melees.  I ask, therefore, that you pay an added eye to those who melee and who serve in a unit so that we might encourage greater cohesiveness and war skill within the region.  Let us commend and perhaps inspire those who serve first and foremost through their skill in warfare.

I have heard too many times and in too many places that it is the tournaments that matter.  Some believe that it is only here that warriors may show their true mastery of martial combat.  I take the view that this is not so true as it perhaps once was.  Yes, to be valorous, chivalrous, and a great individual warrior is part of the chivalric notion.  In competition it is good to fight your best and to prove victorious in honorable combat with another.  Yet, if this is true among two warriors, is it not so among one hundred, or one thousand warriors?  Does it not serve to do honor unto our loved ones to be deemed the most valorous, honorable, chivalric, and skillful among thousands even more than to be so applauded among two?  It is indeed so, I would remark, and to each and every one of you I ask that you consider these questions.  Tournaments are grand and near to my heart, they should forever be a part of our culture.  But now or mettle should be tempered for the sweet bransle d'guerre, we should arm and train appropriately.  Turn then, my good colleagues, to preparing yourselves and those dependant upon you, if only in visions and admiration, to the tasks of the summer.

To arms for our loved ones, for our families, farms, and estates, to arms for the Midlands and the mighty Dragon of the Middle.  To arms for the love of honorable combat and the fellowship that it incites.  To arms, because we love it!

Turks and Serbians Battling at Kossovo (15th c.)