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Journals and Magazines

bulletActa Archaeologica (Scandanavia)
bulletAdamatu  (Arabic Archaeology & Ancient History)
bulletAmerican Anthropologist
bulletAmerican Antiquity
bulletAmerican Journal of Archaeology
bulletAncient Egypt
bulletAncient Mesoamerica
bulletAndean Past
bulletArchaeology Magazine
bulletArs Orientalis (Asian Art & Archaeology)
bulletAssemblage (On-Line Journal)
bulletCurrent Archaeology
bulletCurrent Anthropology
bulletDiscovering Archaeology
bulletHuman Ecology
bulletInternational Journal of Historical Archaeology
bulletInternational Journal of Nautical Archaeology
bulletInternet Archaeology (On-Line Journal)
bulletJournal of Anthropological Archaeology
bulletJournal of Archaeological Method and Theory
bulletJournal of Archaeological Research
bulletJournal of Archaeological Science
bulletJournal of Field Archaeology
bulletJournal of Material Culture
bulletJournal of Near Eastern Studies
bulletJournal of Roman Archaeology
bulletJournal of the Society of Industrial Archaeology
bulletKMT- A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt
bulletLatin American Antiquity
bulletLithic Technology
bulletNational Geographic
bulletNear Eastern Archaeology (Formerly Biblical Archaeology)
bulletNorth American Archaeologist
bulletWorld Archaeology



bulletAmerican Anthropological Association (Archaeology Division)
bulletAmerican Cultural Resource Association
bulletAmerican School of Oriental Research
bulletArchaeological Conservancy
bulletArchaeological Institute of America
bulletAssociation for Environmental Archaeology
bulletNautical Archaeology Society
bulletRegister of Professional Archaeologists
bulletSociety for American Archaeology
bulletSociety for Historical Archaeology
bulletSociety of Industrial Archaeology


Sites and Projects (and a Few People, Too!)

Sites, biographies, and references to material discussed in Back to the Earth: An Introduction to Archaeology, 2001, J.P. Staeck, Mayfield: Mountain View, Ca.

bulletAndean Mummies (Paleopathology, chapter 9)
bulletArchaeological Sampling (chapter 5)
bulletCantabrian Spain (Les Freeman, El Juyo; chapter 5)
bulletCatal Huyuk (Cambridge University; chapter 3)
bulletCatal Huyuk (University of Hawaii; chapter 3)
bulletColchester Archaeological Trust - CRM in the UK (chapter 10)
bulletExperimental Archaeology (Middle Range Theory; chapter 3)
bulletExperimental Archaeology, Metallurgy (chapter 3, chapter 9)
bulletWilliam Flinders-Petrie (Encyclopedia Britannica biography; chapter 2)
bulletThe Gottschall Site (Photo essay on the Gottschall site)
bulletGreen River Archaic and Regional Overview (chapter 6, 9)
bulletHopewell and Hopewell Mounds (a meta site)
bulletIndus River Civilization (Photo essay on the Sindh Archaeological Project)
bulletJomon (chapter 7)
bulletKennewick Man Controversy  (chapter 9, 10)
bulletKennewick Man Controversy (the NPS page; chapter 9, 10)
bulletDame Kathleen Kenyon (Encyclopedia Britannica biography; chapter 1)
bulletMary Leakey (chapter 3, 4)
bulletLittle Big Horn, History and Archaeology (chapter 4, 8)
bulletLooting at Copan (chapter 1, 10)
bulletThe Mary Rose (chapter 8)
bulletMicrowear Analysis (chapter 6)
bulletMoche, Huacas del Sol y de la Luna (en Espanol; chapter 9, 10))
bulletMoche, Overview (chapter 9, 10)
bulletMoche, Sipan Images (en Espanol; chapter 9, 10)
bulletOtzi, the Iceman (Paleodiet; chapter 8, 9)
bulletOtzi and Plants (Paleoethnobotany; chapter 8, 9)
bulletRadiocarbon Dating (chapter 5)
bulletSatellite Remote Sensing and Archaeology (chapter 4)
bulletSlack Farm (article (Brian Fagan) and images; chapter 10)
bulletSpitalfields Roman Remains (chapter 9)
bulletSurvey and Excavations on Enclosures in Cranborne Chase (Pitt-Rivers; chapter 2)
bulletThermoluminescence (chapter 5)
bulletTutankhamun (Howard Carter's Diaries and Notes; chapter 1, 5)
bulletTutankhamun (A National Geographic Classic, chapter 1)
bulletTutankhamun (Overview; chapter 1)
bulletWindover Human Remains (Paleopathology, chapter 9) 
bulletZooarchaeology from (chapter 9)



bulletAfrica South of the Sahara Chronology
bulletEgypt (Materials at the British Museum)
bulletEgypt Overview and Resources
bulletGreat Zimbabwe
bulletThe Petrie Museum of Egyptology
bulletTheban Mapping Project



bulletIndus River Civilization
bulletJapanese Archaeology



bulletAQVILEIA - The Archaeological Site of Aquileia (IT)
bulletThe Clan Gillean ( MacLean / MacLaine) History Server - Duart Point Shipwreck
bulletExcavations at Boxgrove 
bulletExcavations and Fieldwork on the Dorchester Roman Aqueduct 1995
bulletChauvet Pont d'Arc Cave
bulletCampanaio, Sicily: A Geophysical Survey 1995
bulletIlgynly-Depe, southern Turkmenistan 
bulletResearch at the Knowlton Henge complex
bulletLa Marte, Gaspe Peninsula, Canada (Paleoindian)
bulletStones of Wonder - Megalithic sites and astronomy
bulletMuseum of Antiquities, University of Newcastle.
bulletThe Newstead Project
bulletArchaeological Research at Oslonki, Poland.
bulletPicts Knowe
bulletProyecto Carteia
bulletRmiz Neolithic Excavations, Czech Republic
bulletThe Ruins at Rione Terra in Pozzuoli.
bulletA Virtual Fieldtrip to Salisbury Plain


Latin America 

bulletCopan (Museum in cyberspace)
bulletCopan (National Geographic)
bulletMexica/Aztecs (from Civilizations in the Americas)
bulletMonte Alban
bulletTeotihuacan (Arizona State Univ.)
bulletTenochtitlan (Virtual Tour)


North America

bulletCaddoan Mounds - Temples & Tombs of an Ancient People
bulletThe East Terrace Site - Minnesota
bulletThe Goat Hill Site (Western Anasazi)
bulletThe Glazier Blade Cache Site, Granby, Connecticut
bulletCahokia Mounds, Illinois.
bulletChaco Canyon, New Mexico.
bulletThe Crow Creek Site, South Dakota.
bulletDeer Valley Rock Art Center, Arizona.
bulletFallen Timbers Battlefield, Ohio.
bulletFive Point - Historic Archaeology in New York City
bulletGrouse Bluff Site
bulletJamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project, Virginia
bulletLittle Salt Spring Underwater Archaeology Project, Florida -- University of Miami.
bulletExcavations at Old Main, South Dakota.
bulletThe Parkline Site: A Woodland Site in West Virginia.
bulletPlymouth Colony Archive Project
bulletThe Reed Farmstead Site
bulletShawnee Minisink Site, Delaware Valley -- American University.
bulletThree Rivers Petroglyph Site, New Mexico.
bulletLate Woodland Zea Mays at the Vintroux Site, West Virginia.
bulletExcavation at the Eli Whitney Armory Site
bulletSite 72-163: A Late Paleoindian Site, Connecticut.
bulletSite 72-31: A Multi-Component Rockshelter Site, Connecticut.
bulletSite RI 1428: Early and Middle Woodland Coastal Site, Rhode Island.


Regional and Topic Specific Links

bulletArchaeological Field Work Opportunities - the "Test Pit"
bulletMSARP Virtual Slide Show - Archaeology in Arctic Canada
bulletEgyptology Resources - Cambridge University
bulletMayan Epigraphic Database
bulletNorth American Archaeological Chronology



bulletAcademic Info's Anthropology Area
bulletArchaeology on the Net's  Archaeology area
bulletARGE Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
bulletComparative Archaeology Web
bulletDirectory of Archaeological Societies and Newsletters
by Michael (Smoke) Pfeiffer
bulletLatin American Archaeology Metasite
bulletWorld Lecture Hall Anthropology and Archaeology


Virtual Libraries and Databases

bulletAnthropology - AnthroTECH
bulletArchaeological Prospection Resources (University of Bradford)
bulletCSA/ADAP Archaeological Data Archive
bulletLinguistics - Eastern Michigan University
bulletInternational Council on Museums (ICOM)
bulletNational Archaeological Database
bulletNorth American, Paleoindian Projectile Point Database
bulletSocial Sciences - Anthropology - U Florida


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