During our stay in Premyslovice we will be using the town's chateau as our base of operations.  This structure is really a multifunctional facility that serves as the center of government for the town as well as a hostel.  Accommodations are not overly private, though there is hot running water, showers, indoor plumbing, and a roof over our heads. Moreover, the accomodations are clean and pleasant.  As far as field accommodations go, I think you will find these superior to most.  If you can live in a dorm, you will find these accomodations very reasonable.

The people of Premyslovice have expressed a great deal of excitement at our visit and, as is Moravian custom, are exceptional hosts.  We are staying about 400 meters from a small inn/resteraunt where we will be taking most of our evening meals (as well as some of our breakfasts).  Breakfasts and lunches will be basic but nourishing (and flavorful) because of the needs of field work.  Evening meals will be hearty Czech cuisine, though, and we may well be treated to some local singing and entertainment.  Vegetarians can subsist with a little preplanning and care (our geoarchaeologist is a longtime vegetarian).  Strict Vegans, however, may find acquiring suitable foods difficult and should carefully consider alternative plans for getting the desirable foods.   

Oh, and by the way, the building we will eat many of our meals in is attached to a remodeled 15th century chateau/manor house.

Accomodation Photo 1
Accomodation Photo 2