Journal List

Scholarly Anthropology Journals at the College of DuPage

bulletAmerican Anthropologist 
bulletAmerican Antiquity
bulletAmerican Ethnologist 
bulletAmerican Journal of Archaeology
bulletAnthropological Quarterly 
bulletAnthropology & Education Quarterly 
bulletAnthropology & Medicine
bulletApplied Anthropology
bulletC.R.I.S. : The Combined Retrospective Index Set to Journals
bulletCultural Survival Quarterly
bulletCurrent Anthropology (Microfiche to 2000; hard copy 2001+)
bulletHuman Organization : Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology
bulletJournal of African History
bulletJournal of Contemporary Ethnography 
bulletJournal of Cultural Geography
bulletNative Peoples : the Journal of the Heard Museum
bulletPrimitive Man
bulletResearch and Exploration: A Scholarly Publication of the National Geographic Society
bulletSocial Science & Medicine


Popular Anthropology Journals and Journals Covering Anthropology at COD

bulletCurrent Archaeology
bulletDiscovering Archaeology (Not yet subscribed to; available at news stands)
bulletNational Geographic


Anthropology Databases and Reference Resources at COD

A very brief summary of highlights is listed here.  Underlined entries are rare resources in the region, especially at small colleges and community colleges.
bulletArchaeological Method and Theory (1 volume summary)
bulletAtlas of World Cultures
bulletEncyclopedia of Archaeology - The Great Archaeologists
bulletEncyclopedia of World Cultures
bulletEncyclopedia of World Prehistory
bulletHuman Relations Area Files (full version)
bulletHuman Relations Area Files - Archaeology (full version)
bulletOutline of World Cultures
bulletWorld Cultures - A Theme Guide for K-12 Teachers


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