Hobbies, Past and Present

Warning - before entering - plant tongue firmly in cheek!

It is said that to work hard cleanses the soul.  In a bit of twisted logic I must ask, cleanse the soul of what.  If hard work does cleanse the soul, then our souls should always be clean in our society.  We work more hours than people in most societies throughout the world, sometimes working twice the number of hours as our cross-cultural counterparts.  As a professional anthropologist I can show you that this is true, though you probably do not need to be convinced of the problems associated with making a living in North America today. 

 Hence, we must all have something that distracts us from the glories of hard work, something that causes us to concentrate on things that are not profitable, that somehow tarnishes our polished stainless steel souls, and that does not contribute to the profitability of immediate employers.  We call these things...hobbies!

John's hobbies, in no particular order

bulletHistorical Re-creation - the SCA

(Music from Johnnie Quest)


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