Chapter 9 - The Supernatural World


You should learn...

  1. the functions of supernatural beliefs across culture, including controlling or influencing the unknown.
  2. to describe the major types of supernatural belief found across cultures.
  3. the difference between supernatural being and supernatural forces.
  4. the common features of magic, science, and religion.
  5. the differences between magic, science, and religion.


Key Terms and Concepts

supernatural                magic                science                    religion

cohesive function        supportive function                            educational function

disciplining function    revitalizing function                            euphoric function

ecological function     explanatory function                           polytheism

monotheism                animism and animatism                      shaman

priest                         mana                    witchcraft              ritual

rite of passage            revitalization movement                       trickster

sacrifice                     soul


Some Important People and Societies (some of this material comes from beyond the Lenkeit text)

Trobriand Islanders            Azande                        Baseball

Vodoo Believers/Vooduans                                   MButi


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