Chapter 6 - Kinship and Family


You should learn...

  1. to describe, with examples, the variety of forms of social organization and kinship in the world.
  2. the functions and expectations associated with different marriage forms from around the world.
  3. the ways in which kinship serves as an adaptive strategy through marriage and alliance rules.
  4. to diagram kinship relationships based on anthropological techniques.


Key Terms and Concepts

family of orientation            nuclear family            consanguineal            affinal

family of procreation          kinship system            kinship naming systems

extended family                ascribed vs. achieved status                        exogamy

endogamy                        levirate                        sororate                   monogamy

polygamy                        polygyny                        polyandry               bridewealth

dowry                            bride service                 neolocal                    patrilocal

matrilocal                       avunculocal                   matrifocal/patrifocal    bilocal

kindred                           bilaterial descent           unilineal descent        ambilineal descent

lineage                            clan                              moeity                       phratry

parallel cousin                cross cousin                  


Some Important People and Societies (some of these are from beyond Lenkeit)

Tibet                            Minangkabau



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