Chapter 5 - Food and Resources


You should learn...

  1. the evolutionary-ecological model.
  2. cultural materialism and how it structures course learning.
  3. anthropological views of technology and how these are related to subsistence.
  4. the major modes of human subsistence and their relationships to population.
  5. how subsistence, economics, and population are connected.


Key Terms and Concepts

evolutionary model            neoevolutionary model            Oldowan tools

Acheulean tools                Cultural Materialism                Ecological Model

Optimal Foraging              Evolutionary-Technoilogy model

technology                        foraging                                   carrying capacity

family band                       patrilocal band                        reciprocity (3 forms)

egalitarian                        low energy budget                    horticulture

slash and burn/swidden    Kula, Kula Ring                        Pastoralism

Nomadic Pastoralism         Transhumance                        Agriculture

Redistribution                   Market Exchange


Some Important People and Societies

Marvin Harris                    Bessari            Ju/'hoansi            Nuer

Trobriand Islands              Bronislaw Malinowski



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