Chapter 10 - Expressive Culture


You should learn...

  1. to delineate, more or less, the parameters of human expression.
  2. to describe the earliest expressive images associated with our species.
  3. to discuss and evaluate the purpose(s) of expressive culture.
  4. what ethnomusicology is and how it creates boundaries and identities.
  5. that humans express themselves on multiple levels for multiple reasons.


Key Terms and Concepts

cave art                mobile/portable art                imitative art

molas                    ethnomusicology                    vocables

folk art                  folklore                                 body mutilation

scarification            Upper Paleolithic


Some Important People and Societies (some of this material comes from beyond the Lenkeit text)

Lascaux                    Kaluli                                   New Orleans Black Indian Tribes

Cuna                        Altamira


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