Chapter 1 - The Perspective of Anthropology

You should learn...

  1.     what anthropology is and is not.
  2.     how anthropology differs from other disciplines
  3.     the fundamentals of the anthropological perspective on holism, cultural relativism, and ethnocentrism
  4.     how to read and think critically


Some Key Terms and Ideas

anthropology        quadripartite approach        biological anthropology        linguistics

archaeology        cultural anthropology            ethnography                        ethnology

ethnohistory        holism                                  forensic anthropology           industrial anthropology

primatology        ethnoscience                        medical anthropology


Some Key People and Societies (Some from beyond the Lenkeit text)

Elizabeth Briody            Michael Blakey        Douglas Ubelaker            Cindy Mahrer

Robert Trotter                Miguel Vasquez        Nacerima                        Richard B. Lee

!Kung / Ju/'hansai


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