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login as a “guest” and then type: @go J.

summary of useful commands (the MOO Command Summary at LinguaMOO)
help -- get helpful texts & command descriptions (type help say, for example)

@who -- finding out who is currently logged in
@lastlog -- finding out when some player last connected to the MOO

help registration -- explain how to get a character
@describe -- setting what others see when they look at you
@gender -- changing your player's gender
@password -- changing your player's password
@sethome -- changing your designated home room
@rename -- changing your name and/or aliases
@quit -- quit playing session

go - move
home - teleport to your designated home room
@go - teleport yourself to a given location
@join - teleport yourself to a player's location

get/take -- pick an object up and place it in your inventory
get/take/remove from -- move object from inside container into your inventory.
drop/throw -- remove an object from your inventory and place it in the room
put/insert -- take an object from your inventory and place it in a container
give/hand -- hand an object to some other player
@move to -- teleport an object to a given location
@eject -- expel unwanted from your room

look -- see what an object looks like
inventory -- print list of things carried
whereis -- locating other players
@examine -- print useful of information about the object
@contents -- print contents of an object
@locations -- print names and object numbers of all containing objects.
@find - locate a player
@find : - locate a verb on an object in your vicinity

say/" -- talking to the other connected players in the room
whisper -- talking privately to someone in the same room
page -- yelling to someone anywhere in the MOO
emote/:/:: -- non-verbal communication with others in the same room
news -- reading the wizards' most recent set of general announcements
@gripe -- sending complaints to the wizards
-- sending complaints/ideas to the owner of the current room
help gagging -- screening out noise generated by certain other players
help mail -- the MOO email system... see below
help security -- facilities for detecting forged messages and eavesdropping.
help notes -- reading, writing, encrypting notes

creation -- making, unmaking, and listing your rooms, exits, and other objects
topology -- making and listing the connections between rooms and exits
descriptions -- setting the names and descriptive texts for new objects
locking -- controlling use of and access to your objects
messages -- special descriptive texts
containers -- objects that can hold (e.g. yourself)
rooms -- places

@dig -- conveniently building new rooms and exits
@create -- making other kinds of objects
@recycle -- destroying objects you no longer want
@recreate -- This is a combination of @create and @chparent.
@quota -- determining how many more objects you can build
@count -- determining how many objects you already own
@audit -- listing all of your objects
@add-owned -- adds an object to your .owned_objects property
@sort-owned -- sorts your .owned_objects property
@verify-owned -- verifies your .owned_objects property
@classes -- listing all of the public classes available for your use
@realm -- listing the parenting tree for objects owned by one or more players
@move -- moving your objects from place to place

@dig -- creating new rooms and exits
@add-exit -- adding other players' exits from your rooms
@add-entrance -- adding other player's entrances to your rooms
@exits -- listing all of the conventional exits from your rooms
@entrances -- listing all of the conventional entrances to your rooms
@resident -- listing or changing the residents of your rooms

@rename -- setting the name and aliases of your objects
@describe -- setting what others see when they look at your objects
@messages -- listing and setting the other descriptive texts on an object
help messages

@lock -- restricting use of and access to your objects
@unlock -- unrestricting use of and access to your objects

container-messages -- the messages on objects that can contain other objects
exit-messages -- the messages on exit objects
thing-messages -- the messages on objects that can be taken and dropped

put -- putting an object into a container
remove -- taking an object out of a container
@lock_for_open -- setting the lock for opening a container
@unlock_for_open -- clearing the lock
help container-messages



Copyright 2004 Jason Snart

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