English 1102: Composition and Literature

Come and experience the world of the imagination………..

English 1102 (Composition 2): “Composition and Literature” is the second course of the
two-course composition sequence offered at
College of DuPage.

Literature presents us with fascinating, fictional worlds……..

This online version of English 1102 – entitled “Composition and Literature” – focuses on the study of a variety of literary works as the means by which students learn the core concepts in English 1102.  These concepts are listed in full below under General Course Objectives, but of central importance will be the development of techniques for effective research-based writing and the application of strategies to carry out close readings of texts, the development of appropriate literary research topics, and the execution of independent research projects based on those topics.

Since the content of this course is “literature” (broadly defined), all papers will involve literary analysis and research topics will be literary.

Course description: Second course in two course composition sequence.  Students continue to develop experience in reading, thinking, and writing critically by writing essays that demonstrate ability to analyze and evaluate the ideas of others and integrate them into their own writing.  Reinforces student experience with the conventions of standard written English and the conventions of documentation while developing student ability to carry out independently the proper method and responsibilities of research.

General Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course the student should be able to do the following:

1.      Apply a process approach to writing that incorporates independent research

2.      Develop and support a thesis in an essay incorporating research

3.      Apply strategies for organizing texts

4.      Analyze and respond critically and creatively to the ideas and strategies in the writing of others through reading a variety of texts, including academic discourse

5.      Use discourse appropriate for an academic audience

6.      Create more advanced, independent research projects and observe the conventions of documentation and citation

Who can enroll?

Students who have successfully completed the requirements for English 1101 may enroll in the course. Basic computer and word-processing skills and access to the Internet and e-mail are necessary.

How do I enroll?

Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.3948 or Online at www.cod.edu, click on C.O.D. Online (top menu bar) to get started. Students should read “Succeeding in Internet Courses” thoroughly, prior to registration, to see if online learning is for them.  This reading can be found at http://www.cod.edu/Online/succeed.htm.

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