P. G. Misty Sheehan
Associate Professor, Humanities


M.A. History The University of Michigan
M.A. Humanities Wayne State University
B.A. Humanities Michigan State University

Courses taught:
Humanities 101 - Humanities the Arts, Fall 1999
Humanities 102 - Humanities Ideas, Fall 1999 Online
Humanities 105 - Non western Humanities, Fall 1999 Honors
Humanities 110 - Arts and Cultural Diversity
Philosophy 100 - Introduction to Philosophy
Religious Studies 155 - Eastern Thought
History 211 - Chinese History

I was raised in Royal Oak, Michigan and lived for 12 years in Jackson, Michigan. I spent a good portion of my adult life outside of the continental U.S. I spent two and a half years in Puerto Rico, one year in India and four and a half years in China. I have visited Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan, Mexico and Peru. I came to College of DuPage in 1992. I teach Humanities and Philosophy courses with an emphasis on Asian Studies.

I feel that a professor's role is to encourage students to think. The best components of a college education in my life have been learning to communicate. One learns to read at a more advanced level; one communicates verbally with other students and professors; and one learns how to refine one's writing to better communicate with others.

I teach Humanities 102 online.