Alfred Samper, Ph.D.
Spanish Instructor
Liberal Arts

Professional Background

My career in teaching Spanish has spanned elementary, secondary, college and university levels plus adult education and private instruction. I have served as a Foreign Language Department Chairman, Director and Principal of Summer School, Director of Student Activities , and Social Counselor. In addition to organizing and accompaning student groups to Mexico, I directed and participated in an Exchange Program with Spain. My extensive experience has included teaching Spanish classes for police, fire, and paramedic personnel and serving as teacher and director of Spanish Immersion Programs. My career has included the following: Served as Chairman, Foreign Language Committee, North Central Association Evaluation Team; Director, Foreign Language Workshop, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Illinois, and Oral Proficiency Workshops. My Spanish has been useful in the export department of a pharmaceutical company, translating business correspondence and bids for companies and governmental agencies as well as private translating.

Professional Organizations


Educational Background

Classes Taught(Spring Quarter, 1998)

Teaching Style

I believe in a thorough grounding in basic structures with emphasis on oral-aural proficiency. Classes are taught using Spanish beginning with the first class meeting. Students are encouraged to develop the ability to create original discourse in Spanish. Reading, writing and oral-aural skills are developed. An understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture and literature is included. My mission as a Spanish teacher is to instill in my students a passion for Spanish!

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