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Mlle. Pogany By Sculptor BrancusiDr. Isabelle Sabau

Assistant Professor

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"I give you pure joy" - Constantin Brancusi, 20th century Romanian Sculptor

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Three faces

The child laughs:
My wisdom and my love is play.

The youth sings:
My play and my wisdom is love.

The old man is silent:
My love and my play is wisdom.

- Lucian Blaga, 20th century Romanian poet

Teaching and Learning

"Education is knowledge that combines intellectual openness, critical scrutiny and logical clarity."

John Searle - 20th century American Philosopher

Knowledge is valuable because it produces wealth and it empowers people.

The value of education is the training of new generations to take an active role in their communities and socisties, thus providing them with the proper skills and understanding to participate as active citizens.

Education prepares individuals to become contributing members of their communities by teaching them necessary job skills and career options.

Education enables personal fulfillment and self-actualization

My teaching interest is to foster the development of critical thinking abilities which are of primary necessity in the modern global environment for rational decision making, resolution of conflict and discovery of diverse viewpoints.

Critical thinking skills provide individuals with mastery of intellectual skills and abilities, better communication, autonomy of thought and discipline in thinking

In my teaching practice I stress the mastery of intellectual skills which require a disciplined process to ensure clarity, accuracy and relevance in the evaluation of information. Critical thinking endows the learner with abilities to recognize strengths and weaknesses in the presentation of information and justification of beliefs. I encourage my students to employ these clear judgement skills to become more thoughtful participants in increasing knowledge creation and understanding of the world.

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Humanities Online

The Humanities courses offer the unique opportunity to students to become familiar with the intellectual foundations of Western culture. These courses are an invitation to explore the humanities and are intended to engage the mind in wonder and analysis of the origins and developments of artistic and philosophical manifestations that exemplify humankind's deepest interests and concerns. In order to expand the student's horizons and enable new perspectives to life's enduring questions, these courses will explore some of the writings and artworks of past and present great thinkers and artists.

The central mission of the humanities courses is to enable the student to scrutinize belief systems and ideas, through the application of rational argumentation, which is essential for informed participation in the resolution of contemporary problems in today's society. The principles and processes of critical thinking will enable the student to apply philosophical thinking and questioning to everyday life, as well as, increase knowledge of Western cultural history and thought. From the earliest civilizations through the present day the humanities have provided deeper awareness of the mysteries and complexities of humanity's collective consciousness. The socio-cultural and historic-economic approach of such classes emphasizes an interdisciplinary study of interweaving patterns of creativity, exploration and discovery that comprises humankind's achievements. The humanities are intended to stimulate thought, enrich the mind and generate interest and appreciation for the expressions and contributions of past and present periods.

For more information about Humanities courses go to COD Online http://www.cod.edu/Online/ and see if this mode of learning is suitable for you http://www.cod.edu/Online/succeed.htm

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Old pond

leap-splash -

a frog.

- Basho, 17th century Japanese poet

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