The Pickup

Mark Dinning


I made a date on the dare of a friend

If Iíd known how it would end,

Iíd have turned around and ran away right then

From the pickup


I was a boy looking for fun

She looked so lost and all alone

And I didnít know my heart would be won

By the pickup


How could know her lips were so warm?

Or how big Iíd feel with her in my arms?

How could I know?  How could I see?

Iíd fall in love with her, and she would love me


I should have told her I loved her right then

I couldnít face all of my friends

So I told my darling I couldnít see her again

I lost the pickup


The morning papers told how she died

Jumped from a bridge, suicide

And nobody knows that the heart in me cries

For the pickup

For the pickup

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