Car Crash

The Cadets


[Crash sounds]


[Scat lyrics alternated with repeated “Baby”]


There’s my baby lying there on the ground

I can see crowd start to get around

I know I drove too fast

Thought she would get a thrill

Now I see my baby lying there on the road

Whoa, baby, why don’t you open your eyes?

Please, please baby, say you ain’t goin’ to die

I’m so sorry, baby

So sad as I can be

Please, please speak to me


[Sobbing and sirens]


Please, baby, speak to me….

Please, darling, open your eyes….

Please, darling, say something to me…


Well, the Lord’s with my baby out on the

And they’re covering her with a big white sheet

All I can say

Please, please, please don’t take her away


[Sobbing and sirens]



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