Shot and Camera Proxemics


What type of shot? How far away is the camera from the action?

Shots are defined by the amount of subject matter that's included within the frame. They can be divided into six basic categories:
  1. Extreme long shot--taken from a great distance, showing much of the locale. If people are included in these shots, they usually appear as mere specks.
  2. Long shot--corresponds to the space between the audience and the stage in a live theater. The long shots show the characters and some of the locale.
  3. Full shot--range with just enough space to contain the human body in full. The full shot shows the character and a minimal amount of the locale.
  4. Medium shot--shows the human figure from the knees or waist up.
  5. Close-up--concentrates on a relatively small object and show very little if any locale.
  6. Extreme close-up--focuses on an unnaturally small portion of an object, giving that part great detail and symbolic significance.


Ghost World (2001)

This shot is a medium shot. The two characters are shown from the thighs up.

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