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Composition 2

Course Description:

            English 102 is the second part of the required three-part sequence in English composition.  The goal of this course is to develop your skills in reading, writing, and thinking critically.  You will write five essays demonstrating your ability to examine and respond to the ideas of others.  You will also be introduced to the basics of research writing.


There are two books required for this course:

Beherens and Rosen eds.  Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum.  Eighth Edition.  Available from the bookstore for approximately $43 (used) or $57 (new).

Willingham, Calder.  End as a Man.  Available from me for $11.

The goal of English 102 is to learn to understand, process, and write about the ideas of others.  Thus, there will be a large reading component to this class.  I expect you to do the readings on time.  If I think that you're not completing the reading assignments, I may start giving out quizzes.  Hopefully, this will not be necessary.

 Course Requirements:

            Your grade in this class will be determined from the following requirements:

v     10% Summary Paper

v     15% Summary Paper #2

v     15% Cinderella Paper

v     25% End As a Man Paper

v     25% Research Paper

v     10% Class Participation

              Five Major Papers:

                        For this course, you will write five graded papers.      (Please do not use fonts that are difficult to read or bigger than 12 pt. and please STAPLE your papers)     You must submit all five papers in order to pass this course.  You may submit rough drafts or other prewriting material for commentary.

              Class Participation:

                        This part of your grade will be determined by participation in in-class writings, discussions, and group activities.             


          Your papers are due at the beginning of class on the date due.  If you turn in the paper after the deadline, I’m under no obligation to grade it until my grades are due at the end of the quarter.  If you want to know your grades on your papers and to use my comments to improve subsequent papers, you’ll turn in your essays on time.

Paper Expectations:

            I expect your papers to demonstrate proficiency in the six major areas of writing (Higher Order Concerns)—Purpose, Audience, Thesis, Development, Focus, and Organization.  I also expect competency in grammar and mechanics (Later Order Concerns), but the majority of your grade will be based on the higher order concerns.

Guide to Higher Order Concerns and Lower Order Concerns

          All of your writing in this course will be based on pieces you read for class.  Many of these pieces will be more difficult than the kind of reading you’re used to.  Failure to fully understand the material will hinder your ability to write about it.  You may consider visiting the Reading Assistance Center for help in improving your reading comprehension skills.

          Additional expectations will be discussed with each separate assignment.

Academic Integrity:

            The goal of this course is to improve your writing.  Thus, you will only benefit from the course if you turn in your own work.  Turning in someone else’s work as your own is a violation of COD’s plagiarism policy and will result in failure of this course.  We will discuss how to incorporate source materials into your paper and document them during this course.  Should you have a question regarding using sources, I encourage you to visit the writing center and/or see me.

          I have failed and will fail students for intentional plagiarism.  If you intentionally plagiarize, I will find out and I will fail you.  To cheat successfully requires more effort than simply doing the assignments on your own.  If you’re smart enough to cheat and get away with it, you’re smart enough to get a good grade without cheating.


            I have no set attendance policy.  Be aware that excessive absences will negatively affect your class participation grade.

  Extra Credit:

            I do not regularly allow students opportunities to use extra credit to make up for missed class sessions or assignments or for poor performance on regular assignments.  However, by following these simple steps, you should have no trouble succeeding in this course.


         I will give my permission to withdraw throughout the quarter for any reason.  If you don’t think you can complete the class, I would hope you would drop within the first few weeks, so you don’t waste my time and your money.  If you remain in the class until after the last day for automatic withdrawal, I would hope you would have the fortitude to complete the class.

Course Schedule (Subject to Change)

1/5 Intro to Class; In-Class Writing

1/7 Summary.  Incorporating sources.  Summary Paper Assigned.  Reading Due:  Chapter 1, 3-50.

1/12 Reading Due:  “Opinions and Social Pressure,” by Solomon E. Asch, 309-316, and “Cinderella,” by Charles Perrault, 527-531.

1/14 Synthesis Paper #1 (p. 377 #8) Assigned.  Reading Due:  “The Perils of Obedience,” by Stanley Milgram, 316-329, and “Ashputtle,” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, 531-536.  Summary Paper Due

1/19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  No Class.

1/21 Summary Paper #2 assigned.  Reading Due:  Chapters Two and Three, 50-94, “Review of Stanley Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience,” by Diana Baumrind, 329-334, and “A Chinese ‘Cinderella,’” by Tuan Ch’êng-shih, 248-249.

1/26 Critique.  Logical Fallacies.  Reading Due:  “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” by Philip Zimbardo, 347-360, and “The Maiden, the Frog, and the Chief’s Son,” 549-553.

1/28 Cinderella Paper Assigned.  View Disney’s Cinderella outside class.  Reading Due:  “When the Clock Strikes,” by Tanith Lee, 536-548, and “Cinderella’s Stepsisters,” by Toni Morrison, 590-591.

2/2 Georgy Girl.  Reading Due:  Chapter 4, 94-125.   Summary Paper #2 Due

2/4 Georgy Girl.  Reading Due:  Chapter 5, 125-163.

2/9 Discussion of film. 

2/11 End As a Man Paper Assigned.  Cinderella Paper Due

2/16 End As a Man, Calder Willingham—whole novel.

2/18 Continue Discussion of End As a Man.

2/23 Reading Due:  “Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem,” by Erich Fromm, 360-365.

2/25 TBA

3/1 Research Paper Assigned.  Gathering and using sources. End As a Man Paper Due

3/3 Library Day.  Chapter Six, 163-225.

3/8 Research on the web.  Research problems.

3/10 Preparing works cited and annotated bibliography.

3/15 Begin The Strange One.

3/17 Finish The Strange OneResearch Paper Due

3/21 Classes End



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