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Nancy Payne
Associate Professor
Voice Mail: 630-942-3401

Image: Nancy Payne

Educational Background

  • MBA - University of Chicago Graduate of School of Business
  • Bachelor of Science Accountancy - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • I have completed considerable course in Education. Most recently, I completed a Certificate in Online Learning from UCLA

Thoughts on Teaching and Learning

Most students enter higher education to gain knowledge that will change their lives. After each class, they ask themselves "Why does this material matter?" and "How will I use it in MY career and personal life?" It is my goal to address these questions each class period. To do this, I draw on knowledge gained through professional and life experiences. I also utilize current business events to highlight class concepts in practice. I believe that application and practice help us gain subject matter appreciation.

Finally, I believe education is a journey (I don't know who I stole this from, but I like it), and like any other journey you must chart your own direction. A great deal of learning takes place when we seek out personal growth and knowledge through research. In each of my courses, I require students to experience the material through outside research. What better way to experience knowledge than to make it come alive for you.

About Me

I joined the College of DuPage faculty in June 1992. Before joining COD, I worked in Management Consulting for a Major Public Accounting Firm. I was a Director in Government Contracts Department. My department provided consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. Our primary focus was raising capital. We were also involved with general business planning and IT projects. I have also held positions in Audit and Financial Reporting for two Fortune 100 Companies.

I am married and with three children. I have two boys and one girl (In that order). We also have dog. He is a West Highland Terrier

When I get a moment to myself, I enjoy aerobics, biking, mysteries and police dramas.

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