Lesson 1-

Health Risks


Lesson 2-

Are You at Risk?


Lesson 3-

Balancing Calories


Lesson 4-

Making a Plan



Welcome to Our Unit on Weight Matters


So far in Healthy Eating, we have covered digestion, the essential nutrients, tracked your own diet, learned about food labels, and discussed portion sizes. In this unit we will look deeper into weight management. We will begin the unit by exploring the health risks associated with carrying too much weight. But wait, how would one know if they are overweight? Is there an accurate test? Well, in lesson two, "Are You at Risk," you will examine the different assessments and come up with your own healthy weight range profile. Next, in the "Balancing Calories" lesson, you will explore what it takes to lose or gain weight and the importance of creating SMART goals in order to set up an action plan for yourself. Our goal through this unit is to assess and design a plan for long term weight management. It all sounds interesting, don't you think?

Let's begin...click on the "Health Risk" icon below and proceed through the lessons. You will notice there are assignments listed at the end of each lesson that will be submitted through Blackboard. I'm looking forward to seeing your work as you progress through the four different lessons.

Let's Get Started...
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