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Mark Lundin, Ph.D.

Instructor of Physics


Cell:        630-215-8601

Office:     630-215-8601

                 BIC 3632 and BIC 2406


Skype:     mark.lundin1



Summer 2012 Office Hours:

  Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm.

  Thursdays 5:30pm-6:30pm.

(always best to email for an appt.)




Text Box: I have a strong belief in explicitly structuring the short, medium and long term aspects of teaching.   My experience is that planning, implementation and periodic assessment processes provide greater assurance of success and a more positive learning experience.  I believe that as the cognitive demands of a course increase, so too does the importance of optimization of goals, implementation and assessment (Cohen, 1987*).   As such, I believe that alignment of these processes is not only of benefit to the majority of students, but also has a particularly strong and potentially very positive impact on higher aptitude students and, paradoxically, on less prepared or previously marginalized students as well.
Use this site in order to investigate your present or future instructors and courses in the College of DuPage Physics Program.  Navigation buttons will direct you to information on my own background and help you to navigate to course material.  Alternatively, you can start through the College of DuPage Physics Department home page.
* Cohen, S.A. (1987), Instructional alignment: Searching for a magic bullet.  Education Research, 16(8), 16-20.

Cherenkov radiation traveling along the surface of a cone within a dielectric optical fiber wave guide.  Cherenkov photons, tending towards the visible blue and ultraviolet range, are emitted by a charged particle traveling faster than the phase velocity of light in that medium.