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Office:  IC 2070                                               E-Mail: (preferred)



Available for assistance before and after class when pre-arranged.


Course Description


      This course is an introduction to the integrative aspects of business suite software.  Students will study concepts related to the creation and editing of word processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphics files. Students will also study the concepts of document integration as it relates to suite applications.



Course Materials


      Microsoft Office 2000 -- Mastering and Using


      Authors: H. Albert Napier and Philip J. Judd

      Publisher:  South-Western Educational Publishing

      Three 3-1/2 inch, high density disks which you will use as work disks.


Course Objectives


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to use Microsoft Office 2000 to:

      Utilize the menus, dialog boxes, and on-line help.

      Create, format, and print a word processing document.

      Design a spreadsheet and display data in graphical format.

      Create, modify, and retrieve records using the database.

      Generate output using presentation graphics.           

      Exchange messages and files with networked users through electronic mail.

Share information between documents through Copy/Paste, Object Linking, and  Embedding.           

      Link Microsoft Office documents to an Internet home page.

Exams and Evaluations




            To test your skills, you will be required to submit weekly assignments listed in the syllabus. To avoid a deduction in points, label each print-out with your name, the page number, and the name of the file; e.g. Your name, WB 42, Final Richardson Revision. You may want to use Microsoft Word to design a cover sheet.  Staple weekly assignments together.


            TWO EXAMS:

            Each test consists of 65-75 true/false, multiple choice questions each worth one point.  The remaining points constitute the take-home portion of the exams. Make-up exams after the test date are allowed for personal emergencies only. These exams must be taken within one week after the regularly scheduled exam in the Testing Lab in IC 100.


        Your final grade will be based on the total number of points earned during the quarter as a percent of the total number of possible points:

        Two exams                                                                       ---  200 points

        Activities                                                                           ---  176 points



        To obtain a perfect score on the activities, the work submitted must be perfect.

        Points will be deducted for the following:

        Missing identification information:

            Your name, the page number, and the name of the file; e.g. Your name, WB 42, Final Richardson Revision.

        Input errors and not following instructions

        Incorrect ordering of material

        Not  stapled or in a folder


        Your final class grade will be assigned as follows:

            Grade                  Score

                 A                376 - 338

                 B                 337 - 300

                 C                 299 - 263

                 D                262 - 225

                 F                       < 225


        You will have an opportunity to submit extra credit activities in Units 3 and on the take-home midterm.


Satisfactory/Fail (S/F) Grade Option


            The S/F grade option is available to students in this course.  It may be issued under the following conditions:

            1. A written statement must be completed and signed by the student and the instructor before the final exam is administered.

            2. The student must have achieved 263 points or more in the course to receive a Satisfactory (S) grade.  If the student's coursework is valued at less than 263 points, a grade of F will be assigned for the course.

            3. Once an S/F grade has been registered with the Records Office, it cannot be changed.

            4. An S grade will not be computed in the GPA; the F grade will be used in computing the GPA.


Incomplete Policy


            An Incomplete grade may be given at the instructor’s discretion only if a serious emergency occurs. The student must be passing the course and have demonstrated the ability to complete the course with minimal instructor assistance.


            If the student does not complete the remaining coursework by the deadline date specified in the Incomplete contract, the student will receive an F.  No extensions beyond the original Incomplete deadline date will be given.  Students should be aware that an I grade left on a transcript may be interpreted by other colleges as an F.  It may also affect other aspects of the student's college experience, such as financial aid.


Withdrawal Policy


            A student may withdraw from a class at any time prior to the midterm date denoted by college policy.  Check with Registration and Records for the exact deadline date.  After that date, the student must receive written permission from the instructor in order to withdraw.  Written permission to withdraw will not be given if a student takes the last exam.


Plagiarism Policy


        All work submitted for credit must be completed by the student who is registered for the course.  Students will receive a copy of the CIS Academic Honesty Statement.



Wk No.




Pt. Value



Intro to MS OFFICE 2000

OF 2-31

Using MS On-line Help

OF 19(Ex 5) Print Help Screen




Word Processing

WB 2-56, WB 75-83, WB 145-153

WB30-42 (Class) Final Richardson Revision (5)

WB 49 (Ex 7) BCH Software Letter Revised (5)

WB 99(Ex 1) Interoffice Meeting Memo Revised (5)

WB 155 (Ex 3) Interoffice Meeting Memo Edited (5)





EB 2-64

Creating Charts

EB 98-108

EB 24-25(Ex 3,4) Checkbook transitions (5)

EB 48(Ex 3,4) Proposed Wage Increase Revised (10)

EB 53-64(Class) Central Region Worksheet (5)

EB 99-106(Class) Figure 5-7 on EB 106 (5)





EX.a EX 1-5 only (skip section on Linking an Excel Chart to a Powerpoint Presentation)

Importing Data From Other Applications:

EX.c EX 15-16

Review for Mid-Term

EX 29(Ex 3) Letter with Data.doc

(print workbook and letter) (10)

EX 30(Ex 4) Letter with Linked Data.doc (print workbook and letter) (5)




Integration Continued

Take-home Midterm Exam

Objective Midterm Exam

Take-Home Midterm (25)

Objective Midterm Exam (75)





PB 2-54

PB 23(Ex 7) Buying a Computer (5)

PB 47(Ex 7) Buying a Computer (5)

Create Your Own Slide Show PRINT ALL SIDES 6 PER PAGE (15)




Integrating Word/Excel/Powerpoint

PX 2-24

EX 5-8

PX 27(Ex 1) Powerpoint Integrated (4)

Powerpoint Outline (4)

PX 28(Ex 4) Precision Builders Integrated (print outline and presentation) (7)






AB 2-64

AB 49 (Ex 3) tblClients (5)

AB 49 (Ex 4) tblClients (5)

AB 69 Case Projects 1-5 (2ea)




Intro to MS Access Integration

AX 1-19

EX 9-16

AX 29 (Ex 2) AddressList1 (5)

AX 30 (Ex 4) tblStaff (5)





Using MS OFFICE to Create a Web Page

WI 137-154

EX 20-26 (EX.e)

AX 20-26 (AX.d)

Review for Final

Take-home Final Exam

WI 155(Ex 1) Personal Web Page (5)

EX 30 (Ex 6)

EX 31 (Ex 7) Calendar Export (2)

Calendar Copy (2)

Final Calendar (2)

Creating Your Own Web Page (25)

Take-Home Final Exam (35)




Objective Final Exam








This syllabus may change depending on the amount of time needed to cover a specific topic.  Changes will be announced in class.  It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the changes.

Textbook Errata


OF 12              Step 2              If the Help button is not on the Standard toolbar, choose Help| Show the Office Assistant.


WB 50             Do not change "to" to "for" in the proofing notations.


WB 148           Step 2              Set the top/bottom and left/right margins to 1" if necessary


EB 10              Bottom of page, Step 3, Change "twice" to "once"


EB 25              Exercise 4         #6.  Do not include the totals in columns C and D when determining the MAX and MIN values.


EB 58              3.e  Moving Data Using Cut and Paste -- change "date" to "data"


EB 104            Figure 5-5        The Chart Title should show a border


PB 67              #10                  Change “You to copy” to “You can copy”


PX 29              Do not attempt Exercise 5. Nature Tours Integrated is not on the student CD.


PX 29              Do not attempt Exercise 6. Office Workbook.xls is not on the student CD.


AB 15              You may skip the section on Data Access Pages. However, you must follow these instructions to obtain the screen shot on AB 15:


            1. Double Click "Create Data Access Page by Using Wizard".

2. In the Page wizard screen, select tblEmployees from the Table/Queries option.

3. In the Available Fields field double click in this order: DepartmentName,FirstName,LastName,EmailName,WorkPhone,Extension and then click Next.

4. Once you have done this click Next through the rest of the screens without making any changes until you get to the final screen where you should click Finished.

5. When the page appears, you are in Design View (see AB 16, Figure 1-9). Change the title to reflect the information in the text.

6. Click Save to save your DAP htm/html page to the same folder your database is stored.


AB 69              Project 1          Change “state” to “country”


AX 7                Change “active document” to “New document” in the second line from the bottom of the page.

AX 15              Your screen may not match Figure AX 15.

AX 16              Step 3              You will receive an error message. Ignore the message and click OK to import the spreadsheet.

AX 22              Step 2              The publisher has been contacted that frmEmployees has not been saved to the student CD data files.


EX 25              Step 4              The publisher has been contacted that the formulas do not appear on the worksheet.