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How do you connect to the net? Ultimate X 05/02/06 11:21 AM
Pics of cute animals Michael 05/02/06 11:15 AM
who is the funniest man alive Baby.Fox 05/02/06 10:15 AM
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.:EmuParadise Contest:.

Write a Me-View Contest!
Posted by MasJ @ 04-15-2006 14:12 | Message Boards

Enter the EmuParadise Write a Me-View Contest and win some fabulous prizes! Wondering what a Me-View is ? Want to know what the prizes are ? I'll tell you this much, the answers are of great interest to anyone who considers themselves a video gamer worth more than two cents. So what are you waiting for find out more about the Me-View contest right away! Also, you can now check out the Me-View contest entries at this page.
Hurry up and enter though, the contest ends on the 1st of May!
Prizes sponsored by none other than Lik-Sang.com.

.:EP News:.

Me-View Contest : Last Day!
Posted by MasJ @ 04-30-2006 05:36 | Message Boards

Well, today's the last day for entering the Me-View competition so if you have any entries, it's time to wrap them up and submit them, just send them in via email to me.

On that note, some excellent new Me-Views have been added as well, so do feel free to check them out if you want to have a good laugh =D.

Have a good laugh!

GBA Roms Working!
Posted by MasJ @ 04-27-2006 01:58 | Message Boards

Finally, after many hours of effort, I've managed to get our New Releases Section back online and working. You should be able to clickety click to our GBA Roms Section now and download for all you're worth.

Also, some more Me-Views have been added since the last post I made, so go and check them out, they're pretty good and definitely worth a read : ).

Bittorrent Tracker Up!
Posted by MasJ @ 04-26-2006 17:46 | Message Boards

The BT tracker is back online. It took so long because we ran into some major problems during the upgrade. The New Releases Section should be back online soon as well. (I just have to tie up some loose ends..). Expect your GBA rom downloads to be ready in another 10 hours or so, I really need to get some sleep in right now! : )

New Releases (GBA Roms..), BT Tracker, Down..
Posted by MasJ @ 04-24-2006 13:17 | Message Boards

We've been experiencing a huge surge in traffic the last few days. Due to this, the BT Tracker server, which also hosts our New Releases (GBA) section was having load problems. A server upgrade has been initiated, but sadly, it has gone slightly awry. We're working on a fix and both resources should be back online within the next 16 hours. The New Releases Section and BT Tracker shall definitely be back online in the next 24 hours.
Thank you for your patience. To keep you entertained until then, we have a few new extremely entertaining Me-View submissions.

More M3 News..
Posted by MasJ @ 03-31-2006 09:19 | Message Boards

I guess our visitors must be pretty sick of seeing updates on the M3, but it just gets better and better, and I need to include some new information. Also, I've got a tough exam on April 9th, so expect some major updates after that (and some nifty competitions!).

I've just updated the M3 review to reflect the Wi-Fi compatibility since one of the comments on the previous newspost made me realise that it was an obvious aspect that I had missed! Also, I take great pleasure in announcing that the M3 Wiki, which is an M3 compatibility and information resource is now hosted right here at emuparadise!

You can find it at here.

You can check out the M3 Review here.

M3 Review Updated!
Posted by MasJ @ 03-10-2006 01:11 | Message Boards

Well, I've updated the M3 Review to answer the question everyone's been asking me again and again. Can you use the M3 on the Nintendo DS Lite ?

Super Smartjoy Review!
Posted by MasJ @ 03-09-2006 07:27 | Message Boards

The Super Smartjoy is a SNES to PC USB adapter. Basically, it allows you to connect a SNES controller to your PC through the USB port. The producers claim that it's highly configurable and requires no drivers. Is that really true ?
Well, you'll have to read my Smartjoy Review to find out!

New Releases Working Once More!
Posted by MasJ @ 03-08-2006 17:18 | Message Boards

Here we go :]. Server load has stabilised. And I've figured out a tweak for the New Releases section as well. I did say within 24 hours, so within half an hour is a pretty good record, eh ? Anyway, enjoy the GBA Roms, and please do vote for emuparadise!

comments: (16)

New Releases Downtime..
Posted by MasJ @ 03-08-2006 16:25 | Message Boards

Well, I regret to tell you that the New Releases section is experiencing some downtime due to configuration problems. We're moving over to a new Bittorrent tracker and basically since this is a more advanced tracker, we need to tweak it more to get the server load under control. But since the New Releases (GBA) section runs on the same server as the Bittorrent tracker, we have to shut it down until we're done tweaking the BT Tracker.

I'll be back with an update once the New Releases are back online. (Should be in less than 24 hours..)

NES Set Fixed!
Posted by MasJ @ 03-03-2006 04:36 | Message Boards

Thanks to emu_kidid we've finally managed to fix the NES Goodset in the Goodsets section. No corrupt roms anymore, this is the complete GoodNES 1.01 set, minus all the bad dumps and useless stuff. Download right now at our Goodsets section!

Goodsets Added!
Posted by MasJ @ 03-02-2006 23:13 | Message Boards

Ah well, looks like a good week for goodsets. I've added two new Goodsets to the roms section. This time around, they are:

  • GoodGBX (Gameboy Colour)
  • GoodSPC (Snes Music Set)

Thanks go out to emu_kidid for uploading these sets to our server. Also, I'm aware that the NES Goodset is broken. We're working on uploading a new version so you should lookout for that.


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