David Hubbard

Instructor Mathematics
942-4000 x54274 • hubbardd@cod.edu
IC 2040A

What is the equation editor?

The equation editor is a tool to create equation objects inside other programs such as MS Word and MS Power point. An example of an equation is: If you would like to learn how to do this, I teach a workshop through the Teaching and Learning Center about once a year.

Objectives of Workshop

  1. To be able to use symbols to create some simple equations with MS Word and PowerPoint without MS Equation
  2. To be able to insert and edit equations using the MS Equation editor.
  3. Learning the capabilities of MS Equation including how to set up fractions, summations, integrals, determinants, matrices, geometry symbols, and how to insert text.
  4. Learn tips and tricks about efficient use of the MS Equation Editor
  5. Introduce MathType – an extension of MS Equation.


You will learn how to set up equations, fractions, square roots, summations, integrals, matrices and determinants, geometry notation, inserting text, easy ways to insert, edit and delete parts of an equation, template wrapping and replacement, setting up a grid for a graph, setting up and aligning a system of equations, and editing equations in a separate window rather than “in-place”.