College of DuPage

Dr. Danica Hubbard
Associate Professor, English
Liberal Arts Division

Philosophy of Education

To me, expressing a teaching philosophy involves reflecting upon a history of teaching methods and goals as well as looking forward, embracing change and welcoming a variety of learning styles. My philosophy of education is more like viewing the art of teaching as a moving picture, one that is constantly taking shape. As I encounter different students' needs, personalities, and backgrounds, my focus changes.

Treasure mapNavigating a successful learning path for students is my number one priority. Consequently, interaction with students each term helps me to evaluate and change the learning avenues we pursue.

My educational philosophy is like a patchwork quilt of various teaching moments, exchanges, and challenges changing every time I help students become fluent, confident readers and writers.

My teaching load has included the following courses:


C.O.D. Online: English 1101

Traditional classroom courses

English 1101
English 1102
English 0481
English 0482

Independent study courses in the Center for Independent Learning

English 0481
English 0482
English 0491
English 0492
Skills Development Courses

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