Grab a graphic
from an
Internet page

To copy a graphic from an IBM computer using Netscape Navigator browser.
1)Position the mouse cursor over the graphic you want to grab.
2)RIGHT CLICK the mouse to get a list of options.

3) Select SAVE IMAGE AS... It will open the SAVE AS dialog box window.
4) To SAVE anything you must do 4 things:
     II. Tell the computer WHERE to save it (SAVE IN)
     III. Accept or change the TYPE of file extension (SAVE AS TYPE)
     IV. Tell the computer to DO what you selected (SAVE button)

I. NAME IT: The SAVE/SAVEAS option will usually start with the FILE NAME already highlighted. We will start there.
Change the FILE NAME at this point to a name that will help you readily identify it later. Images on the Internet are often only numbers or are coded by the designer for a particular project. You can rename it at this point to a filename that is logical to you.

II.WHERE:  Choose the place you want to save the image to from the SAVE IN pull down menu. Netscape will usually first select the temporary file in the Netscape folder as a default place to save but other factors also affect the SAVE IN location. Because it is not always easy to figure out where a program is going to save your document or graphic, I advise students to save to a folder right on the desktop called "downloads" so that it is easy to find. (See separate instructions for creating a folder on the desktop.)

III. TYPE: The SAVE AS TYPE refers to the file extension of any piece of data. It tells the computer what kind of information is being saved. The File Type format was already determined by the designer when the file was created so leave it as it is. It will either be a .gif (Graphics Interchange Format) or a .jpg (Joint Photographic Experts
Group) file extension since those are the only two types of files that the internet can recognize. The dot separates the filename from the file extension.

IV. DO IT: Tell the program to carry out your commands with a LEFT CLICK on the SAVE button.

To Copy a graphic from an IBM computer using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser:
These steps are basically the same as the instructions above.
1) Position the mouse cursor over the graphic you want to grab.
2) RIGHT CLICK the mouse to get a list of options. (IE has a slightly different list of options that pop up).

3) Select SAVE PICTURE AS... (letter "a" in the above illustration) It will open the SAVE AS dialog box window.
4) Follow the same instructions as above for steps 4, 5, 6, 7.
8) IE gives you one more option for copying information from the web. In Microsoft's Internet Explorer, when you select COPY (letter "b" in the above illustration), the image you want will be copied to the Windows clipboard for temporary storage until you PASTE it into another document. Use this when you are going to use the image immediately since the clipboard will only hold one item at a time and is updated each time you copy something new.

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