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Professional Background I have been developing software professionally since 1992, in several mainstream languages such as Delphi, C++, and Java. For the last 5 years, I have been a staff and independent consultant specializing in developing multi-platform, distributed, Object-Oriented systems primarily written in Java. I have a broad domain background that includes Telecommunications, Education, Retail, Financial and Insurance experience.
Teaching Background Leading object oriented design and development special interest groups for clients and other consultants led me back into the classroom; this time as the instructor.  I have been teaching introductory and advanced Java programming at the College since 2000.
Teaching Philosophy I believe that the purpose of lecture is simply to pave the way for "hands on" learning - the only real way to develop competency as a programmer.  In my 217 course, a series of small programming assignments makes sure that students master the fundamentals: language structure, keywords, data types, and flow control in an object-oriented context. In my 218 course, a class-long major project covers each and every topic in the course; from Swing containers and event handling through network and concurrent programming.

Courses Description (from the Catalog)
CIS 217 - Introduction to Java An introduction to object-based problem solving in the Java language. Topics include encapsulation, class design, objects and polymorphism.  
CIS 218 - Applications in Java Development of applications using the Java language. Emphasis is on applications involving Graphical User Interface Components, exception handling, multithreading, images, animation and audio, files and steams, networking and data structures.
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