Point of View Exercise for The Three Little Pigs

See if you can determine which point of view each version of the story achieves. Once you understand what is being attempted here, you can try your hand at it. Try your own version of the Three Little Pigs or try a different common children's story.

Here is the Site of Lilia Melani at Brooklyn College where she has artfully worked out Sleeping Beauty from different points of view. <http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/english/melani/pv.html>

Version 1

Three Little Pigs

One day I was in search of food. I wanted to do something about the pain in my stomach. These hunger pains had just started, and I did not want to deal with this hunger all day. To my delight I came upon a little pig who was in the process of building a straw house.

I waited in the bush till the pig was inside, then crept up to the house and with a mighty puff managed to knock the house down. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to capture the pig. I chased the pig to his brother's house.

This house was a little bigger and was made of wood, hay and bricks. By the time I reached the house I was getting a little bit tired, but my hunger pains overcame my tired state. I asked the pigs to let me in and they refused. So again, I blew the house over with a mighty puff. Again I was unsuccessful in capturing the two pigs inside the house. They both ran to their other brother's house and were let inside.

I could tell this particular brother spent some time on his house. It was molded and shaped into a sturdy brick house. When I came upon this house I groaned. I knew I could not blow this house down. I tried two times, but passed out. When I came to, I decided to use some strategy and outsmart the three pigs. I decided on an aerial approach by way of the chimney. I squeezed down the chimney, and to my horror was met by a huge fire. I shot back out of the chimney and decided to give up pork and become a vegetarian.

Version 2

Three Little Pigs

See those little pigs? Looks like food. They are afraid of you. Look at them run, look at them hide. Those pigs think that they are so clever--building their little houses thinking they can keep you out. They donít know how wrong they are.

Start with the pig in the straw house. That looks flimsy. Huff & puff & blow that house down. That pig will come running right out. That pig is quick, he ran to the stick house. Go there & blow that house down too. Huff & puff & blow that house down. Out those pigs run to the brick house. Go to the brick house & blow it down. Huff & puff & blow it down. You didnít blow hard enough, the house didnít come down. Do it again. Youíre a wimp, the house still didnít come down.

Those pigs are clever, they built a strong house, but it has a chimney & those three little pigs will be yours. Up the house you go, go faster! Climb down that chimney, donít slip or slide. Into the pot of water you go. It must be hot, that looks like it hurts. Those little pigs, how clever they think they are. They think they have beaten you, but out of the pot you go. Out of the house & through the woods. Lick your wounds then come back and try again.

Version 3

Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs, a wolf, and me, the bird. I watched the wolf walk up to a straw house.

He knocked on the door asking to be let in. But the pig said, "No!"

The wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down. I saw this pig run to the stick house where his brother lived.

Again I saw the wolf asking to be let in. The pig replied, "No!" So the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house down. I saw the two brothers run to their sister's house made of bricks.

The wolf knocked at the door, asking if he could go in. All the pigs shouted out, "NO!" So the wolf tried huffing and puffing to blow the house down, but the house did not go down.

I saw the wolf getting tired of blowing so he found a ladder and climbed it to the roof. He shouted down saying, "I'm coming in." And I saw him go down the chimney.

I went up to the window, looked in, and saw the pigs building a fire, and since it was hot, I heard him scream. He went flying up the the chimney, up into the sky. With the wolf gone, I saw the little pigs come dancing out [and] rejoice.

Version 4

Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there lived three little pigs. The pigs lived with their mother in a nice cottage deep in a forest. The pigs seemed happy and content with their lives except for the third one. For this pig always looked beyond his typical life style and dreamed for more.

One of his dreams was to build a brick house just like the one he admired across the road from his cottage. Therefore, the third pig left home to find a job in order to fulfill his dream. For years, he worked really hard and saved a lot of money. It seems as if his dream is finally coming true. Thus he started to build his brick house.

A few months later, he heard that a big ugly wolf blew his oldest brother's house down. Later on, news came that the old big wolf blew his second brother's house down. This made him very angry and, therefore, he wanted even more to finish his house. Finally when his house was finished, he invited his mother and both brothers to live with him. He knew his house was strong enough to keep the wolf from destroying it.

Version 5

Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs, and one day they all decided to build a house. They got into an argument about what materials to use.

"Straw is easy and plentiful," one said.

"I think sticks are better. We should use sticks. They look nicer," objected the shortest one. "Besides, straw is only for roofs. Straw burns too easily and we will have too many mice around if we use straw."

"Straw is good! The R value is plus 20. We will be warm. And it smells good."

"But what about my allergies?"

The quiet pig just said, "You're both wrong." He paused. "I say bricks."

They looked at each other and then back at him. Almost in unison, they sputtered, "B b b b ut they're too heavy!"

"They hurt your toes when you drop them."

"We don't have a wheelbarrow for cement. They are expensive."

"The smell of mortar makes me sick."

He just grunted in reply.

The first pig [still] decided to build his house out of straw. The second pig continued to build his out of sticks, and the third stuck to bricks. So they went their own ways to build their own houses.

One day a wolf came along and wanted to come into the first pig's house. The pig said no and the wolf blew his house down. The pig ran away to the second pig's house, and the wolf followed him.

He wanted to come into the second pig's house, but they would not let him in. So the wolf blew the house down. The two little pigs ran to the third pigs house and the wolf followed them.

The wolf wanted to come into the brick house but they wouldn't let him in. So the wolf attempted to blow the house down but retreated when he was stopped by the high quality brick house.



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