Lab Requirements

Lab Requirements

Attendance: Attendance will be taken every lab period. Lab attendance is required; missing more than two labs will prevent you from passing thie class. Attendance will be taken via sign-in sheet each lab period. Make sure you get your name on the list each week. This is your responsibility, not mine.

Do NOT be late to lab! Expect to be chastised and possibly penalized for arriving at tab after the class begins. Important instructions are given in the first few minutes of lab; missing those instructions puts you at a significant disadvantage. chronic tardiness will not be tolerated.

Purchase of the lab manual for this class is required. After the first lab of the semester, any lab turned in containing a facsimile or xerox of pages of the lab manual will automatically be penalized 25%.

Each lab in the manual has two sections. The first section contains information and instructions; the second is the data sheet(s) on which you record your observations and measurements. The data sheet does not include instructions; be sure to read the material in the first section of the lab so you will know what you are supposed to be doing.

You will also be given a short list of lab "notes" prepared by your instructor to aid you in completing the work in each lab. Be sure to consult these tips.

Don't ask your teacher for instructions until you've consulted both the lab instructions and the notes for the lab. You may be able to find your own answers.

Lab Report Instructions: All lab reports for this class are worth 15 points. Lab reports are always due on the next day your lab meets. Usually, this will be one week after you complete the lab exercise, but sometimes it may be two or even three weeks, depending upon the schedule.

Each lab in the manual provided specialized data sheets for the lab exercise. You will complete these data sheets and submit them for your lab report. Lab reports do not need to be typed.

Some labs also require that you prepare work not included in the data sheets. This work should be neat and clear, and should be stapled to the data sheets. Remember you should have pride in your work.

Though you will frequently work with a partner or partners in lab, remember that you are to write your own lab reports. Unless youa re given specific instructions otherwise, no group lab reports (or copied lab reports) will be accepted. Feel free to discuss the questions in the labs with your partners, but you need to write your own responses.

The questions in the labs are important, and you need to take them seriously. If necessary, you will want to consult with your text or other sources to answer them.

Lab reports will generally be graded quickly and available for you to pick up in the lab room.

Graphs: My requirements for graphs are mors strict than the indications in the lab manual. All graphs for this class must be hand drawn on real graph paper. Graphs which don't meet this requirement will earn no credit. The lab manual generally offers open graphing axes, but you are not allowed to use these for your lab report submissions. You may use a computer to draw graph paper, but you may not submit computer-drawn graphs.

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