Discussion Assignment #2

The Logic of Mendel

Gregor Mendel is renowned as the "Father of Genetics." Among the insights he gained about the inheritance of biological characteristics were three key concepts known as Mendel's Laws, or Mendel's Principles. These three concepts are generally called The Law of Segregation, The Law of Independent Assortment (or Random Assortment), and The Principle of Dominance.

For each of these concepts, first explain its meaning, then explain the logical source of the idea. In other words, explain what brought Mendel to understand the concept.

This means that you must examine Mendel's results, read a bit (and if necessary, this means reading beyond your text), and reason out how Mendel came to his conclusions.

Remember to consider the context. You are looking at this from Mendel's perspective. He knew nothing about meiosis, never considered chromosomes or whether they had anything to do with what he was investigating. The word "gene" was invented after his death. All he did was breed peas, and do some high quality thinking.

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