briscrch The lovely creature pictured to the left is me--Brionhet--and this is my space. I think I'm a pretty noble looking fellow. In fact, I'm quite sure that there's blue blood in my past, though The Boss tells me that my mother was a little calico barn cat and my father was a traveling salesman. He must have been in disguise.

You can check out my aristocratic appearance for yourself by clicking on this button.

deymio2 I used to be an only cat, but in recent years a few others have invaded my space. This admittedly pretty fellow is Deymorin. He looks tough, but he's pretty paranoid. I've never quite figured out if he really is afraid of his shadow or if he just likes to pretend he is. It may be that he's embarassed by his high squeaky voice. He insists he took his little trip to the vet before his voice changed. Whatever, he's definitely the soprano in our feline family.

godiva2 Godiva is the youngest flesh and blood member of the family. She looks sweet as honey (or smooth milk chocolate) doesn't she? Don't you believe it. She's a rip snorting holy terror. She is frequently referred to as "Diva the Demon Kitty." She certainly has Deymio buffaloed. When she arrived, she weighed 1/20 what he did--and she started pushing him around right from the start. This spot on the top of the cat tree used to be his special place. Not anymore. She's not stupid, though; she doesn't mess much with me.

zorroprissy Just recently, The Boss brought a couple of pretty strange felines into the place. They are a peculiar species of cat called "Catz." They make a heck of a lot of noise, but they never get out of the computer. Good thing--there are enough of us competing for sleeping space on the bed as it is.

The guy to the left is Zorro. He's a Pouncer-type catz. Nothing else on the computer screen is safe when he's loose--not even the cursor. That squished grey and pink thing under his paws is the unfortunate mouse which also lives in the computer. The hoity-toity little thing to the right is named Priscilla. (She is, too--Prissy.) Prissy's breed is "Sophisto." She minces and prances, but doesn't really seem to be much good for anything.


I'm sure you'd enjoy visiting some of my favorite places on the net. Just follow the links below to explore the wonderful world of virtual cats!

YoPet! This is my favorite search engine.
Healthy Pets is a good site for any Bosses out there to know about.
Cat Tales Endangered Species Conservation Park is a site devoted to the preservation of some of our less well-mannered relatives.
The Feline Conservation Center (or Cat House) is another site for our wild cousins.
The Cheetah Spot pays tribute to one specific group of cats.
The LAL cat archive houses a delicious collection of images of zillions of felines. None are quite as beautiful as I am, of course.
Pawprints and Purrs is an organization that promotes all sorts of animal welfare activities.
The original Cat Ring! Of course there's a webring for cats.
Bad Kitty! showcases many things that other kitties sometimes do. Not me, though. Never.
P.F.Magic is the home of computer Petz like Catz and Dogz. This is where Zorro and Prissy came from.

Finally, a few of the growing number of home pages designed by furry people like me.

Coco and Loco have a charming, if rather rustic site.
Tazzy's a cat after my own heart.
Maoist Black Panther, Tazzy's roommate, is a cat with a political conscience. .
The Divine Miss M has offered an insightful collection of her deep musings and opinings; thoughts which I would recommend to the attention of anyone interested in improving his or her mind. A brilliant philosopher!

Thanks for visiting. If you want to drop me a line, email me at Brionhet

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