During the course of this quarter, you will be writing several formal reports. These include reading assignments and take-home lab reports. For these, there are some important guidelines which you need to keep in mind.

All formal reports must be typed. See below for some suggestions about getting work typed.

Each report must be headed adequately. The information necessary varies according to the nature of the report. Book or article reports must always include adequate documentation of the author(s). Don't forget to include your own name on every page.

I do care about:

  1. Spelling
  2. Grammar
  3. Punctuation
  4. Appearance (Neatness counts!)

Getting your paper typed.

  1. If you type, but don't have a typewriter, there are typewriters available in the LRC.
  2. If you use a computer/word processing program, there are computers in the Library which are available for student use.
  3. If you don't type, you will need to make arrangements to get someone to type your paper for you. Keep deadlines in mind, and remember that the best of typist can't turn out a 2 page paper in 5 minutes! If you go to a professional, remember that business may be very brisk, and give your typist lots of lead time. This means get your paper written in legible draft well before you plan to turn it in! Give your typist several days to get the original typing done, and plan to spend an hour or so carefully proofreading the typescript. Don't ever assume that your typist will proofread it for you. If you want your paper proofed for spelling and grammar, expect to pay extra for it. And on that note:
  4. Proofread! If you aren't very good with spelling and grammar, make arrangements for a friend, relative or teacher who is to proofread it for you. CoD's Writing Center (IC3114) can probably help. Plan enough time for your typist to make necessary corrections

Plan Ahead! It is your responsibility to adhere to the deadlines for assignments. Do not expect to have penalties waived due to typing not being completed on time or to computer glitches. Dealing with these vagaries of chance is part of modern life.

Keep a copy of every assignment you turn in, and never throw away returned papers until you have received your final grade for the quarter. This is also part of your responsibility as a student.

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