Field Reports

Field Reports

You will be independently (or with classmates of your choice) visiting three additional field sites over the quarter. These visits are yours to plan and enjoy. I will have some suggestions for locations, but there are many others in the area. In the Spring, these trips should include at least one woodland site (early to mid quarter) and one prairie site (mid to late quarter). In the Summer, all shoud be prairie sites unless otherwise approved. Some class realease time will be planned to compensate for the time spent on these trips. For each trip, you are to submit a written report of your observations during that trip. These reports should include at least the following information:

  1. The date and location of the trip, and a general description of the weather,

  2. A habitat description of the area(s) visited,

  3. Identifications of the plants seen. Don't fall into the "How many should we list?" trap. The answer is, "As many as you find." Complete identification means inclusion of common name, scientific binomial, and family name, all correctly spelled.

  4. Any other appropriate observations.

You may take these trips at any time during the quarter you wish. However, remember that if you leave them until theend, the chances are great that you will somehow run out of time. Smart students will space them out, and will write the reports immediately, while everything is fresh in mind.

Each report is worth 20 points.

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