Welcome to the home page of Lynn Fancher, Associate Professor of Biology at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.

So is there anything interesting about me? Well...

I've been a member of the CoD Biology faculty since 1982. I came here from the beautiful state of Washington, and will freely admit to flashes of the desire to return. For a taste of what I left behind, here's a page created by my sister, Jane, following a visit back to the home country a few years ago.
Here at CoD, I teach biology classes in the classroom and on line, and a genetics class. Follow the links below for syllabus information about these classes.
I have also occasionally been referred to as The Gerbil Woman. This title reflects the Great Gerbil Project, a genetics project in which I indulged for seven or eight years. One of these days, I'll get ambitious and add a dissertation about this project. For now, let your imagination suggest just what this is all about.

Here are a couple of lists of links to good biology and science sites. These could be considered to be Biology Lite. These are a bit more heavy duty.

As I put together my Internet Biology class, I wrote a number of essays on particular biological subjects. I've put them here for public consumption.

About those classes...

Biology 1100 Bio 1100 is a Survey of Biology course designed for non-science majors. Since it is not really possible to skim over all of the science of biology in one semester, the precise nature of this course is very instructor-dependent. In my version of the class, we concentrate on understanding the nature of science by examining three of the most important and topical of biological disciplines: ecology, evolution and genetics. NOTE: This syllabus does not apply to the Internet version of this course.
Internet Biology 1100 Biology 1100 on the Internet. This course covers the same basic subject matter as the more traditional Biology 1100 listed above, but the delivery of the material is altered to fit the different style required by the internet experience.
Genetics Our genetics class is designed as a non-majors class. It has no prerequisite other than an interest in getting a grip on one of the fastest moving and exciting fields in science. The course covers classical genetics, molecular genetics, biotechnology, and a smattering of population genetics. Students are encouraged to bring topics of interest for discussion in class. Genetics is taught only Spring Semester.



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