Happy Halloween!

Page 11

October 23, 2004

Bow Before Your Gods!

The Great D'Morn and his Accolytes, Tra'Kar and T'Nar Command Your Obedience!

Do not awaken the sleeping God.

Ah! You are detected...

...and contemplated. Tremble, unfortunate slave.

The Great One advises young Tra'Kar...

...And accompanies him upon his first voyage of acquisition.

The Mighty T'Nar snacks upon a disobedient slave.

Fatigued from training with The God, Tra'Kar reclines.

The Great One terrorizes with a glance.

Tra'Kar observes potential prey from the heights...

...And from the depths of his sedan.

Young Gods confer over future conquests.

Godling T'Nar peruses the offerings.

Having chosen, he indulges, devouring!

Relaxing, he prepares his weaponry for the next foray.

As his BrotherGod rests,
the Mighty Tra'Kar prepares for upcoming combat.

The Great Tra'Kar contemplates punishment for Slave Karen
for presuming to take physical liberties.

Practice targets await the morrow's drills.

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