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September 1, 2004

Happy Birthday!

We're Six Months Old!

Tracker, 12 weeks, 1.5 pounds

Tanner, 12 weeks, 1.5 pounds

We love our carrier

Getting a bit crowded, but brothers make good pillows

Hey. A bit of privacy, if you please!

Still each other's best toy

Tanner, nose to nose with the fishies

They look so gooood! Half toy, half dinner


There's gotta be a way in there!

Helping Mom with the grading

Yawn! Boooooring!

Not for me!

Grade sheets are in this thing with the great string!

Mom went visiting. These are our friends Chloe...

and Mandy. Aren't they beautiful!

Big Boy Gallery

Tanner's Pics

Tracker's Pics

Tanner, 7 pounds 2 ounces

Tracker, 6 pounds 10 ounces

Nothing quite as lovely and graceful as a sleeping cat


Look how big I am!

Just wait...

Ah, a cat's life...

Any minute now...

Yummy! Brother's tail!

Gracefulness coming...

I promise!

Well, at least I'm cute ;^)

I'm way up high! Don't tell Mom ;^)

Six months old...

Getting big and beautiful.

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Happy Halloween!