Page 9

August 9, 2004

Brothers Forever

Nobody loves me more than you.


Love, love, love, love...

Just a little hug.

And a kiss


We just love each other.

Shh! All three on one couch! It's a miracle!

Tracker: World Champion Cuddler!


The Battle of the Bed Continues

Ah! At last!

And then there's that other issue.

What other issue?

Baby Gallery

Tanner's Pics

Tracker's Pics


Still our best thing.

What? You gotta problem with me not
freaking out over the carrier?

You think only dogs get houses? Pfft!

Lulling the mousie. La la la. La la.

Still Life with Cat


Strrreeeeetch. Ah'm a long, tall fuzzybutt.

Tanner's Gift to Karen

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