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Tracker vs. the Fishies. Fishies 5:Tracker 0

Today's Theme--Snoozin'!

All kittens are snoozin' specialists. They snooze about 18-20 hours out of each day.
Preferably during the daylight ;^)

Poor Deymio. Diva ousted him from the old cat tree.

Looks like Tracker's laid claim to this one.

Tracker the Cuddle Bunny

Still Cuddlin'

Still Cuddlin'

Tanner can Cuddle, Too

Tanner Snoozin'

Tandem Snooze

We're Dedicated

Storin' up the ZZZ's
so we can keep Mom awake all night :^)

Baby Gallery

Tanner's Pics

Tracker's Pics

Tanner checks out the Big Fishies

My Mousie.

Shh! Doin' a NoNo!

My Mom and My Big Black Fuzzy

Nice Snoozin' Valley Between Mom's Ankles

All Set for Cuddlin'--My Best Thing

Tanner's Favorite Snooze Place

Movin' in on Deymio's Pillow

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