Book Reports

Book Report Reading List

Please select a book from the following list for your book report. If you would prefer to use a book which is not on this list, you must have written permission from me. The general subject of this list is evolution, and if you wish to substitute a different book, it must also fit into this category. The report is to be five to seven pages in length, double spaced and typed. No book report will be accepted hand written.

Your book report is due on the final Monday of the quarter. There will be a 10% penalty for every day late.

Allen & Briggs: Evolution and the Fossil Record Asimov: In The Beginning
Bakker: Dinosaur Heresies Calvin: Ascent of Man
Darwin: The Descent of Man* Darwin: The Origin of Species*
Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle* Dawkins: The Blind Watchmaker
Dawkins: River Out of Eden deDuve: Vital Dust
Dennett: Darwin's Dangerous Idea Desmond: Hot Blooded Dinosaurs
Edey & Johanson: Blueprints Eldredge: The Miner's Canary
Eldredge: The Monkey Business Eldredge & Tattersall: Myths of Human Evolution
Futuyma: Science on Trial Goldschmidt: The Material Basis of Evolution
Goodall: Through a Window Gould: Full House
Gould: Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle Gould: Wonderful Life
Gribbon & Cherfas: The Monkey Puzzle Horner: Digging Dinosaurs
Horner & Lessem: The Complete T. rex Jacobs: The Quest for the African Dinosaur
Johanson & Edey: Lucy Johanson & Johanson: Ancestors
Johanson & Shreeve: Lucy's Child Kitcher: Abusing Science
Leakey: The Origin of Humankind Leakey & Lewin: Origins Revisited
Lessem: Dinosaurs Rediscovered Lewin: Bones of Contention
Margulis: Early Life Margulis: Microcosmos
Mayr: One Long Argument Psilhoyos: Hunting Dinosaurs
Raup: Extinction Simpson: Discoverers of the Lost World
Spalding: Dinosaur Hunters Spencer: Piltdown: A Scientific Forgery
Stringer & Gamble: In Search of the Neanderthals Tattersall: The Fossil Trail
Trinkaus & Shipman: The Neanderthals Wilson: The Diversity of Life
*If you choose one of Darwin's books, be warned that the 19th century style of writing is often difficult for 20th century readers. You are not to read abridged or synopsized versions of these books--it's the real thing only!

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