Botany 151 Survival Manual

Botany 151 Survival Manual

Lynn J. Fancher, Instructor Office Hours
IC3113d Monday: 12 noon-1 pm
942-2127 (ext. 2127, 2125) Tuesday: 12 noon-1 pm, 3-4 pm Wednesday: 12 noon-1 pm
Mailbox: IC 3028 Thursday: 12 noon-1 pm; 3-4 pm
Friday: 11 am-3 pm [IC-3D]

Required Purchases:

For a topical outline of this course and chapter references from the textbook, go here.

Grading Scale Class Assignments
90% - 100% = A 3 Exams: 300 points
80% - 89.9% = B Paper: 100 points
70% - 79.9% = C Lab Notebook: 75 points
60% - 69.9% = D
<60% = F

Some very good advice: Few students are as skilled as they could be at studying efficiently. Make your first stop this page of suggestions.

Exams: All exams will be short answer/essay style. There will be three exams, worth a total of 300 points. Exams will cover both lecture and lab materials. Missing any exam without replacing it will be grounds for failing this class. The last exam may not be made up.

Missed exams: Follow this link for the procedure to follow if you miss an exam. The most important things to remember are:
  1. If you know that you will be unable to attand a scheduled exam, it is your responsibility to make arrangements for a possible early exam. If you fail to take your exam early, you must follow regular rules for missed exams.
  2. Most important! You must notify me no later than the day of the exam of your absence and the reason for that absence. If you fail to follow this rule, I am within my rights to refuse to give you a replacement exam. Absolutely no exceptions to this requirement.
  3. If you miss an exam, and take proper action (as per #2 above), you will probably qualify for a replacement exam. See here for specifics.

Labs: You will be expected to keep a bound notebook/journal of drawings and observations made during the course of the quarter. This will be checked at each exam. 1st check: 10 points; 2nd check: 15 points; final check: 50 points. The grade will be based on completeness, care and accuracy of drawings and completeness and accuracy of other work.

Lab days are flexible; the pattern we follow is to spend as many lecture days as necessary to complete one unit, then spend the necessary lab days to complete the related lab work.

Research Paper: You will be expected to complete a formal paper approximately 15 pages in length. Instructions for this paper are found at the other end of the link. You may select any topic of interest for your paper, as long as the topic is clearly related to the disciplines of Botany. The paper assignment includes the requirement for two progress reports plus the final paper, which is due at the end of the tenth week of the quarter.

Facts of Life: Go here to check out some important vital statistics of this class.

No extra credit assignments will be considered for this class