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Textbook list - 11/1/2009



I have been a full-time faculty member at the College of DuPage since 1979. Several years before that I was a student at COD. In the years since, I have seen the college grow from a few temporary buildings and a pig barn (the original bookstore) to the largest single-campus community college in the nation. Those changes have been dramatic. As a student I parked in a gravel lot that turned into a swamp (while I was in class) when the snow melted in spring. Now we finally seem to have parking for all. Way back then there were two faculty members in a tiny little office; now we have our own and some, like mine, have windows (O.K., it overlooks a parking lot and doesn't open, but at least there is something to look at.) Some things haven't changed, however. When I first enrolled at COD I did so on computers, COD being one of the first schools to use this then-new technology. Today we are still employing computers in new ways. Sometimes that is in the classroom, sometimes here on the Internet. Whatever the future holds, I'm sure COD will be there.

Academic History

I have an Associate of Arts from the College of DuPage in Radiologic Technology, a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Radiologic Technology and Business Administration, and a Master's Degree from National College of Education (since renamed National-Louis University) in Management and Human Resource Development. I completed my doctoral degree at Northern Illinois University in Business Education, Marketing, and Instructional Technology. I have also attended Elgin Community College (Computer Programming), Governor's State (Education), Northern Illinois (Computer Science), and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Human Resource Development).

Teaching & Working

I began at the College of DuPage teaching Radiography (X-ray Technology). Within a couple of years, I became the Radiography Program Director, a position I held for eight years, until I asked to switch to Business (I have far too many interests for one lifetime). During my time in Radiography, I revised the curriculum twice and went on to teach radiographic anatomy, positioning, trauma radiography, patient care, radiographic exposure, current trends, the working environment (organizational behavior), film critique, and the registry review. (The registry is the board certification exam for radiographers.) After eleven years in the radiography program, which came to receive maximum accreditation without even so much as a suggestion for improvement, it was time to tackle something new. Since Business Administration had always been my other major personal and academic interest, I requested and was granted a change.

Now in the Business/Marketing/Management discipline, I typically teach one or two of these classes in the classroom every quarter:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Supervision
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Management
  • part of the Business Simulation.

I also teach Supervision over the Internet, as part of COD's on-line Supervision Certificate, and Marketing 2210, Principles of Marketing over the Internet.

The Business Simulation, which I created, is actually a group of six (out of nine) courses that are taught together. This is a human simulation (as opposed to a computer simulation), where the class creates a business during the course of one quarter. There are usually six students in each of the six courses. The students in each course form that particular department in our business. For example, the principles of marketing students form the Marketing Department in the business. In this way we can offer students more courses at more times without increasing costs. Throughout the year we rotate these nine courses through the simulation: Management, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, Human Resources, Finance, Production Management, Retailing, and Business-to-Business Marketing. With six of these courses, and thirty-six students in each simulation, we need two faculty members in each of the four simulations we offer. I usually teach with Nancy Payne or Phyllis Goodman. The Simulation courses I usually teach include Marketing, Management, Advertising, and Human Resources, although I have taught Sales, Production Management, Retailing, and Finance.

In addition to teaching, I was a Co-Director and developer of the Innovation Incubator at the College of DuPage. In the summer I have been a project manager for the College's Instructional Design office.

Awards & Honors

I have won a few awards and received a few honors along the way, including these

Two of these awards are especially important to me. The first is the Outstanding Teacher award because one must be nominated students, then selected by a committee of students, faculty, administrators, and alumni. The second is the Excellence in Teaching/Learning Award. I received this for creating the Business Simulation, and this was the first time anyone from the College of DuPage has received this award.


So far, I have written three textbooks.


I have an absolutely wonderful wife who, besides being an excellent mother, is a stained-glass artist. We have three terrific boys. As a family we all enjoy our two Bernese Mountain Dogs,  5 birds, and one cat.

I like woodworking (especially woodturning), the Chicago Bears, reading (especially about World War II), and I've played the drums for many years. I have played in concert bands, stage bands, orchestras, rock bands, and even in COD's marching band!


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