Business/Marketing/Management Department Policies & Procedures



This information is being provided to all Business/Marketing/Management Faculty. For part-time faculty this information is being provided in addition to the information in the Information Guide For Part-Time Faculty.

While you should be familiar with all the information in the Information Guide, you should pay particular attention to the following topics:

*  Benefits of Employment;

*  Employment;

*  Course Records and Management;

*  Class Responsibilities;

*  Policies;

*  Part-Time Faculty Center;

*  Voice-Mail;

*  Part-Time Faculty Voice Message Access.


Below are policies and procedures for the Business Division and the Business/Marketing/Management Faculty. Included are:

*  Textbooks and Teaching Materials

*  Documents considered vital to the Division/College;

*  Information that is available online;

*  Policy on class time:

*  Policy and procedure for changing class location;

*  Procedure for obtaining a substitute;

*  Procedure for absences;

*  Obtaining copies and overheads;

*  Procedures for adding and dropping students;

*  Going to the Library with the entire class;

*  Fieldtrip procedure;

*  Using a guest speaker;

*  Obtaining basic office supplies;

*  Procedure for changing a grade after the class has ended;

*  Business cards.



Textbooks and Teaching Materials

The textbook publishers provide textbooks, overheads, PowerpointTM files, test banks and similar teaching materials free. The Program Coordinator will provide ordering information to you and it is then your responsibility to contact the textbook representative to request a deskcopy of the text and any ancillaries you believe you will need. Class notes are often not part of the ancillary materials, but if PowerPointTM files are provided you can view and print them in Outline View, for a start.


Vital documents


Syllabus – You need to fill in the information on the sample syllabus for your course, make copies for each student in the class and turn in one copy of your syllabus to the Business Division office (IC 2026) during the first full week of the term. E-mail your copy for the division to



Class lists – Available through myAccess after your name has been assigned to the course and registration has started.



Grade and Attendance Record     

    You need to create a method to track attendance and record grades. You must record the last date of attendance You may record grades on a spreadsheet or you

    can use the BlackBoard site for your course (



Midterm Verification

    It is vital that this be completed on time. This is used to determine state reimbursement, which is a major source of funding for the College. Students that are not

    actively pursuing course objectives must be identified. You may also choose to administratively withdraw these students. You are not obligated to withdraw

    non-participating students, but it does remove them from your roster. Midterm Verification is accomplished through myAccess and you will receive an e-mail telling

    you it is time and will include instructions.



 Grade Report – Final grades are recorded online through myAccess and must be completed on time. The College tends to withhold final paychecks until grades are turned in. If any students receive Incompletes you must complete a Contract for Incomplete Grade. The terms of any Incompletes must be the result of an agreement between you and the student. Failure to turn grades in on time can result in the removal or withholding of one or all future assignments.



Early Grade Reports

     Students may request an early grade report. To file an early grade e-mail the final grade to from your COD email account.  The grade is 

    then entered same day, usually within an hour of receiving the email and the student may retrieve the grade through myAccess.



Turning Reports In Late

Mid-term Report

This report is considered late if the Business Division contacts the Program Coordinator concerning the report (which means the Records Office has first contacted the Division):

1st and 2nd occurrences – written/e-mail warning;

3rd and 4th occurrences – 1 term suspension from program teaching assignment;

5th occurrence – no further teaching assignments.


Final Grade Report

This report is considered late if the Business Division is contacted by the Records Office:

1st and occurrence – written/e-mail warning;

2nd occurrence – 1 term suspension from program teaching assignment;

3rd occurrence – no further teaching assignments.




Online Information

The College of DuPage website contains information found in the Catalog and the Class Schedule, along with information on activities and access to the Library. The homepage can be found at


You may use the Roster function on myAccess or BlackBoard to track enrollment in your course at



Business/Management/Marketing department information can be found at:




Class Meeting Time

All classes should start promptly at the assigned time and end at the assigned time. Faculty cannot change class meeting times or days. Faculty who consistently miss class, begin class late, or end class early will not be asked to return.


Final Exam/Culminating Activity Week

All Sixteen-week classes in Fall and Spring must meet during the last week of the semester. The days and times of this meeting may be somewhat different from the rest of the term. During Finals Week classes meet once. If your class regularly meets once a week during the term (like a one night a week class) then you meet on your regular day at your regular time. If your class meets more than once each week during the regular term you have just one class meeting during Finals Week. It is typically at or close to the same starting time and it last for 2 hours. The day all depends on the Finals Week Schedule. Check the Class Schedule homepage for exact days and times -


ALL classes meet in their regular classrooms.


The Friday of Finals Week is set aside for any individual make-up exams.


You can NOT decide to finish early and not meet for Finals Week.


Please note that 12-week, 8-week, and summer classes do NOT have special scheduling for a finals week. These classes simply meet the 12th or 8th week the same as all previous weeks.


Changing Classrooms

All classes must meet in their assigned room. If your class must meet in another location (the library or a computer lab) the room change must be scheduled through the division (630.942.2592)




If you know you will miss a class you have the option to arrange for a substitute. You may contact the Program Coordinator to obtain a list of substitutes. You need to complete the Absence/Substitute Form, which is available in the Business Division Office (IC 2026). This form must be initialed by the Coordinator and delivered to the Business Division Associate Dean for Business/Marketing/Management (IC 2026).




If you miss a class that must be cancelled you must call the Business Division office between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 630.942.2592. If you call after 5 p.m. you must call COD Public Safety at 630.942.2000. After missing a class you must complete the Absence/Substitute Form, which is available in the Business Division Office (IC 2026). This form must be returned to the Business Division Dean (IC 2026). Part-time employees are basically allowed one absence per term, after that paychecks are reduced.




Copies & Overheads

Copies of syllabi, tests, handouts and overheads may be obtained at the Copy Center. Up to 100 pages may be obtained instantly, more than that requires that a Staff Services Work Order be completed and turned in to the Copy Center at least 2 days before the copies are to be picked up. Work Orders are available in the Copy Center. There are two types, a redish one marked Test File for tests and one for all other work. Our account number for all copies is 1-1280. The college will NOT pay for copies made elsewhere.




Adding Students To Your Class

Students who wish to enroll in your class after the first day of class must have your written permission. Forms are available in the Business Division office (TEC 1034). When considering allowing additional students to enroll in your class you should consider how much of the course they have missed and how many seats you have left in the room (many rooms only have room for 35 students). You do not have to allow students to register late and you receive no additional pay for them, even if the total class enrollment exceeds 35.



Dropping Students From Your Class

Students need your written permission to drop your class 8 days after midterm. It is your decision whether or not you allow students to drop after this date. Forms are available in the Business Division office (TEC 1034) if you choose to allow late drops.





The Business reference librarian is Jason Ertz (630.942.3317). Introductory sessions to the library’s assets are available for entire classes but must be scheduled in advance. If you elect to arrange for an introductory session, or wish take your class to the library for research during class time, you must notify the Business Division of the change of class location (also see Changing Classrooms). You must remain with your class at all times when taking your class to the library for introductory sessions or research during class time.




If you wish to take your class on a fieldtrip you must complete a Request for Field Trip form (available in the Business Division office, TEC 1034) at least 4 weeks before the trip. Conditions for taking a class on a fieldtrip are on the request form, including information on transportation to and from the destination.


Guest Speakers

If you wish to add paid guest speakers to your class you must contact the Associate Dean at least 4 weeks before the appearance to see if the department has funds available (Bill Carmody, 630.942.2987). Guest speakers are traditionally paid $50 per hour/appearance. If the guest speaker works for the College of DuPage you and the speaker must complete an assignment sheet. If the speaker has not worked for the college you and the speaker must complete an Independent Contractor form.  Both are available in the Business Division Office (TEC 1034). Completed forms must be returned to the Associate Dean.




Regular office supplies (legal pads, pens, paper clips etc.) are available in the Business Division office (TEC 1034) and next to the mailboxes in SCC 104. We have a limited budget for special supplies (like low-odor dry-erase markers). Contact the Associate Dean (Bill Carmody, 630.942.2987) for availability. Supplies for SCC 131 are located in the room and must be obtained through Sue Cabay, SCC 104c, 630.942.2719.



Changing a Grade

To change a grade after a course has ended, due to an error or after a student has finished an Incomplete, send an e-mail  from your COD account to Include this information:

1. Student Name

2. Student ID

3. Course name, number, & section number (example, MARKE-1100-NET03)

4. Term/Semester

5. New Grade




Business Cards

The College does not provide business cards for part-time faculty.