So, it's time for you to take a Speech class?

My class may be the right one for you.

Elena Cutri

Instructor, Speech Communications

Classes Educational

Teaching Style

I believe a student who feels comfortable with his or her instructor is more likely to be successful in the class. For this reason, I encourage my students to ask themselves if their learning style matches my teaching style.

My Teaching Style Not My Style
Interactive Give lectures
Tests from class and book Tests from book only
Lots of information Little information
Attendance policy No attendance policy
Lots of public speaking practice Little public speaking practice


Typically, I teach one evening section of Speech Communication.

Here are the major assignments:

    3 Listening Assignments
    1 Partner Speech (interview)
    2 Solo Speeches (informative and persuasive)
    2 tests and 1 comprehensive final exam
    various mini-assignments

Educational Background

I earned my undergraduate and first graduate degrees from Northern Illinois University. My Bachelor of Arts degree is a major in Interpersonal Communications with a minor in Women's Studies. My Master of Arts degree is in Communication Theory with a concentration in Women's Studies.

While studying for my Master's degree, I taught the COMS 100 class (Intro to Speech Communication). This is where I caught the 'teaching bug' and learned that I enjoyed working with people in a classroom setting. I joined corporate America as a trainer after graduating from NIU.

A few years later, I earned a MBA degree from Loyola University with a concentration in Management and E-Commerce. I taught classes at College of DuPage while earning my MBA degree and gained a new appreciation for students who work full time and take a full load of classes.

Professional Background

I work full time as a Deployment Manager at LexisNexis Interface Software. I work with customers to make sure they are happy and satisfied with our CRM product.

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