Grade Projector

Enter the current max and earned points to calculate current percent.
Then, you can enter up to 3 additional assignments with their max and earned points to project cumulative percents.

Total current max points (e.g. 500): Total current earned points (e.g. 350):  Current percent= 
Assignment 1 max points (e.g. 100): Assignment 1 earned points (e.g. 85): Assignment 1 percent=  Cumulative percent= 
Assignment 2 max points (e.g. 100): Assignment 2 earned points (e.g. 85): Assignment 2 percent=  Cumulative percent= 
Assignment 3 max points (e.g. 100): Assignment 3 earned points (e.g. 85): Assignment 3 percent=  Cumulative percent= 
Design: Peter Chen