Genetic Code Translator: codon to amino acid

This tool allows you to select triplet nucleotide codons on messenger RNA (mRNA), and translate them to amino acids from the genetic code. It also shows the corresponding DNA segments as well as the anticondons on the tRNA according to base-pairing rules. In practice, the anticodons on the tRNA exhibit wobble in pairing with the codons on mRNA, and may not always follow the Watson-Crick pairing rules.
TripletNucleotide 1Nucleotide 2Nucleotide 3
1         A C G U         A C G U
2         A C G U         A C G U
3         A C G U         A C G U
4         A C G U         A C G U
5         A C G U         A C G U
6         A C G U         A C G U
7         A C G U         A C G U
Designed by: Peter Chen