Animals of DuPage county, Illinois

Coleoptera ( weevils, other beetles)
Diptera ( syrphids, other flies)
Hemiptera ( cicadas, other bugs)
Hymenoptera ( bees, wasps and ants)
Lepidoptera ( butterflies, moths)
Odonata (1 dragonflies, damselflies)
Orthoptera ( grasshoppers, crickets and katydids)
Arachnida ( spiders, other arachnids)
Other Arthropods ( Crustaceans, other arthropods)
Amphibians (4 frogs, 2 other amphibians)
Birds (46 perching birds, 61 other birds)
Mammals (8 rodents, 6 other mammals)
Other Animals (9 reptiles, 11 other animals)
Birds in flight (163)
Insects in flight (120)
Birds in love (52)
Insects in love (83)
Insects in Winter

Flora Fauna photos taken mostly in DuPage county, IL. Mirrors: biophile, COD
Copyleft Peter Chen