The Hoov and Me

D. Jan Cella

Adjunct Faculty
Business and Technology

Professional Background
I have worked in the engineering software industry since 1978, starting with Westinghouse Architectural Systems division on what would be considered by today's standards as a very large and expensive Etch-a-Sketch™. Following that, I worked at different times for three engineering software vendors: Intergraph Corporation , Visionary Design Systems and Bentley Systems, Inc. in various positions but mainly focused on customer and internal training and consulting services. I have taught classes at Wright College, Harper and Joliet Junior College in addition to consulting - technical writing, process picture mapping and CAD tutorial software( SofTutor). I began teaching at COD in 1986 when the CAD department began under Dr. Mike Ward.
Educational Background
Miami University, Oxford, OH : BFA Design
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI: BID Ind. Design
College of DuPage: Russian Language, Instruction related classes

Classes Taught and Teaching Style

Currently, for Spring Semester 2008 I am teaching Arch1212 (3D Autocad).
My instructional style is one of helping students understand how the course material relates to the real world. I also think it's important for students to learn the history of the technology, the variety of tools available and the impact these tools have on the way we communicate ideas.

Class Description/Enrollment Stats

Projects, Interests and Travel
> Photography
> Drawing/Painting
>1957 Buick Special Riviera Model 46R
> Currently working on a course on the history of descriptive geometry and engineering drawing. (How did we first communicate concepts to those who were responsible for turning those ideas into reality? What was that process like before it evolved into "Engineering Drawing" with the standards we use today?)
>Travel: UK, Europe, Japan and Russia
(UMASS / Leningrad Polytechnic Institute)

Some Favorite Links

Bisaccia, Italy| Lynda Lowe Studios| Waterfire - Providence, RI|Ojai, CA
Foyle's War
Phone: 630.942.2800 Ext 56015

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