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No, I am not Santa Claus - but I did play him at a corporate holiday gathering long ago and far away.   While both the naughty and nice are welcomed into my math classes, statistically the nice fare better!

Professional Background
Academic teaching experiences include math and physics, essentially in chronological order, Terre Haute North High School, Indiana State University, Lafayette Central Catholic High School, Purdue University, Aurora University, Waubonsie Community College, Triton College, and since 2006 - the College of DuPage.

Industrial experience (approximately 20 years) focused in Telecommunications and Information Technology, primarily Product Development and Management Consulting including assignments with Bell Labs, AT&T, Bell Communications Research, Ameritech, Telcordia Technologies, Performance Technology Group, and SIM2K.

Educational Background
Bachelor of Science, Indiana State University (Math Major and Physics Minor)

Master of Science, Purdue University (Applied Math Major with additional concentrations in Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Analysis)

MBA and Systems Engineering course work at Illinois Institute of Technology

Additional Industry Management Training in Leadership, Quality, and Product Development and Management.

Currently pursuing doctoral level coursework in the Mathematics and Science Education program at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Classes Taught
I have taught almost all of the COD math courses  - including classroom courses ranging from developmental mathematics through statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and the history of mathematics.  Applications of mathematics, continue to be strong areas of problem solving interests  In the Learning Commons,  I have worked with students working throughout the academic mathematics curriculum and sponsored Supplemental Instruction Initiatives.  In COD Continuing Education programs, I have taught graduate entrance exam preparation courses for the GRE, LSAT, and GMAT , tutored through the COD scholar's academy, and delivered college entrance SAT/ACT mathematics preparation courses. 

Representative syllabi are available on course websites.   Please contact me for access codes or additional information.

Teaching Style
Each class is unique - both in content and in individual student make-up, so adaptability aimed at maximizing success opportunities - is certainly a teaching style cornerstone. I focus on providing a clear structured environment, frequent measurements of progress, and significant opportunities for interaction. Moreover, particularly in Math, one learns and improves by doing - not by watching. This motivates my favored analogy of successful collaborative roles for students and instructors.

The instructor's role is like that of an athletic trainer. The student's role is like that of a motivated athlete. Doing the homework is like executing the designed fitness program. Our common goal is the student's success in demonstrating a working mastery of the course content.

I often remind my students that time is precious, that each day must count, that they should do the math because it will make then strong!

Research Interests and Projects
Focused on developmental mathematics - how to better enable students to master and retain the mathematics skills necessary for their success.  Prospectively, I envision using emerging technology to facilitate student learning.

Previously in industry, I was interested in the mathematical and computer applications modeling of business processes. These earlier projects span the economic modeling of alternative deployment strategies for network technologies, modeling of telecommunications aftermarket costs, and design for standards, new product development, and supplier management business processes.

In Loving Memory

My wife, Pat Bradley, of thirty years, went to be with God in 2008.  She was a brilliant mother, a proud grandmother, and an outstanding teacher.  Pat never missed an opportunity to encourage, help, or inspire her family, our children and grandchildren, her friends,  her students, or me through her deeds, her teaching,  and her courageous life example.   Pat was my best friend and is missed each & every day.

Jim Bradley (aka Patrick)
Professor of Mathematics
BIC 3645

Health & Sciences Division

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